.org frontpage improvement suggestions

Take a quick comparison look at the old and new front pages.

On the old frontpage, you have a news feed. From this, the game’s current release status is immediately and prominently obvious. You see the latest stable release version number, its release date and a quick changelog.

This basic information is nowhere on the new front page. Fortunately, there is a releases tab. But unfortunately it lacks the release dates and version numbers. There is no way to know if it’s even in chronological order (and is it asc/descending?) since there are no dates or version numbers, just names. Nothing’s indicating which is the latest release, so assumptions have to be made. It’s probably on the top. “Cooper”? When was it released? Yesterday? Three years ago? No way to know. So the end user has to boot up his old game, look for version numbers, but as you know they don’t contain any references to the version name.

Furthermore, the new site only has direct links to the old stable builds. There are no links to experimentals and directories containing them. So the end user seeking latest builds has to manually copy and fiddle with the URL, blindly hoping that assets.cataclysmdda.com/downloads/ allows directory indexing.

tl;dr: Please avoid overt “streamlining” where useful and critical information is removed. The .org page is missing release dates, version numbers and download links for experimental builds.

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Which was hardly ever updated, if it’s not up to date it’s misleading. The effect you aren’t seeing is the steady stream of people that see a “news feed” last updated over a year ago*, then start telling people the project is dead. A static page is preferable as it doesn’t give this negative impression.
And no, “just update it more” isn’t going to happen.

*Actually over three years ago, if anything I just want to kill off that page because it’s incredibly problematic how out of date it is.

Except it’s wrong, because the “current release” isn’t current. De-emphasizing the most recent stable release is intentional, we want players to download the latest version, not the latest stable.
In fact, I’ve added a section to the releases page to direct people to the latest experimental version instead of the old releases.

You missed it, it’s right there on the landing page:

The omissions were intentional, and nothing omitted was useful or critical.

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