CDDA Game Launcher (Automatic updates and more!)


HUh, figured out my issue to. I turned off the force use X hoping it would make it stop giving me the crash message while it runs fine (are you running Fullscreen? It pops up during launch not close for me) I’ll try updating Wine, I just DLed it so I would have thought it was up to date, but maybe not.


I’m running Windowed Borderless because in the past that’s seemed to run smoother than full screen while effectively being full screen.


As in just making the dimensions fit the screen manually? Yea, thats What I do too.


Launcher has updated but clicking update launcher seems to not actually be updating the launcher. Is anyone else having this problem or is it likely an issue with me using it through Wine?


I think thats a wine problem. I have that one too.


Just popping in here to say still realy loving this tool its truly amazeing mate.

Thanks for continueing to update it :slight_smile:


Is there a way to get the launcher to update to a build other than the current build or reverting to your most recent one? The issue has been solved with update 5920 but 5917 seemed to be bugged and I couldn’t figure out how to get the launcher to get anything other than 5918 or the build 5904 that I’d been using before I updated.


You can select any build from the last 2-3 days from the drop-down list, and the launcher will update the game to that version when you click the button.


Omg. This didn’t incorporate a changelog last time I used it - awesome change! Thanks so much!


Is there an option to disable automatic previous-version-backup?
It’s quite annoying that folder with previous version of CDDA is using over 2GB of memory and has to be deleted manually :smiley:


[quote=“lordmatiz, post:110, topic:11168”]Is there an option to disable automatic previous-version-backup?
It’s quite annoying that folder with previous version of CDDA is using over 2GB of memory and has to be deleted manually :D[/quote]

I will add the option. You can also use the option “Do not copy or move the save directory” if your save directory is the reason why the previous version is that big.


Cross posting from the blazemod thread because it was recommended I bring this to your attention as well.

Not sure if this should really go here or in the CDDA Game Launcher thread. Nice to see the changes made in this recent update to the version that comes packaged with the launcher (mods/blazemod: fix shards (metal fragments) weighing too much. mods/blazemod: fix dshards (diamond fragment), too.). What is desperately needed though is for the main mod and for the version packaged with the launcher to delete the following from blaze_override.json:

"type": "construction", "//": "Rest of vehicle construction done in the vehicle construction menu", "category": "OTHER", "description": "Start Vehicle Construction", "difficulty": 0, "time": 10, "pre_special": "check_empty", "post_special": "done_vehicle", "components": [ [ [ "frame", 1 ], [ "hdframe", 1 ], [ "frame_wood", 1 ], [ "xlframe", 1 ], [ "frame_wood_light", 1 ], [ "foldwoodframe", 1 ], [ "foldframe", 1 ], [ "gloople", 1 ], [ "oozle", 1 ], [ "gray", 1 ], [ "diamondframe", 1 ] ] ]

This code causes a bug that makes beginning construction on a new vehicle require two frames both of which are consumed. Trying with just one frame consumes the frame and does not create a vehicle. Deleting it is of course simple but for those of us who use the launcher and update the game frequently we would have to go into the json and delete it again every update because whenever you update via the launcher the mods folder gets overwritten with the launchers version of the mods.

If I knew how to update the core mod in a way that would result in the launcher using that version I’d do it myself because it should be one of the simplest possible fixes, but I don’t know how to do that or if it requires the original author of blaze mod or possibly the author of the launcher to do so.


I believe the blazemod is distributed with the base game. Just create a pull request on the main game’s github with this fix.


the launcher seems to be rewriting my modlist on update. it didnt start doing this untill today v6111 or so


Just popping in here again so say that this launcher is awesome. An awesome launcher for a awesome game.


The CDDA launcher is the best part of this game… er… wait. Eh, close enough.


I´m loving the launcher! One question though.

When tilesets officially in the game are updated i.e.: ChestHole Tileset which is updated on a regular basis.

Are this updates made on the launcher aswell? Or do I have to manually update my tilesets?


Hello! I can’t get the latest Launcher to download from Github. Is there a handy mirror I can use instead?



how can i re-add a mod i deleted? want to reinstall PK-Rebalancing mod again, but it isnt in the repository list for mods anymore.


Oi. Arcana and Magic Items mod has been obseleted from the main game. Apparently it isn’t on your launcher thingy?