Problem with CDDA Launcher Experimental Updates?

Hey everyone, I’m a new player to Cataclysm, and I just wanted to say that I’ve been loving the learning curve. However, for the past few days, instead of loading the experimental changelog, the launcher gives this message: Error parsing Changelog data. Retry later.
Funnily enough, the launcher can still update if I press “Update”, and it still notifies me when there’s a new update- I just can’t see any of the content. Is this a personal problem- do I need to reinstall the launcher? Or is this a temporary issue with the server that should be fixed soon?
Any help appreciated,

Same here, figured I’d give it another week or two before posting anything but hey if it’s here may as well.

the launcher is not in any way official, it’s a third party application, if you want support for the game, you generally want to manually download experimentals yourself, I find it takes only a few seconds to transfer my settings, mods, ect to newer versions, so once you get used to it, it’s incredibly easy.

You may want to create an issue on the github for the launcher, the developer of the launcher application may just be busy.
This is not something the game’s developers have any influence over.

This isn’t launcher problem, changelog is unavailable at the source (from where the launcher DLs it). Furthermore, changelog and builds are located in different places, that’s why launcher can see new builds (because that place is working).

Now the launcher crashes when I open it- it starts loading updates and gets stuck halfway through. Any help?

Same been happening all day right now

Looks like there is a new version, but the auto update is futzin’ up. I am re downloading the update from here:

EDIT: After uninstalling the old launcher and downloading the new one it works perfectly fine again on my end.

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So I thought you guys might want to know…
After installing the new launcher, it worked, but Windows Defender is now detecting trojans in the file. I don’t think it’s an actual trojan given that the only file listed as affected is the launcher itself, but I created a topic on it just in case. Here it is: Trojans in CDDA Launcher?
Any help, anyone?

Ah nevermind, turns out it’s a bug. Thought so, but wanted to make sure. Thanks though!

Looks like something wonky’s going on at latest builds are all over the place: 11144 for win x64, 11147 for lin x64 curses, 11146 for lin x64 tiles, 11147 for win x86… and the launcher downloads releases from there.