Cataclysm: Succession Game [Latest Windows Experimental: 0.A-1807]

Well it’s been awhile since I played Cata, and I’ve never even touched the newest experimental stuff. SO! Expect my turn to be short.’

Anyway! I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, and decided that now is the best time.

The world will be unmoded and as Vanilla as you can get.

1. You can “grief” players
I know I’m going to regret this rule, but let me explain it. You can booby-trap things if you wish. You don’t want a player to take your hard-earned beans, then trap the front door with some nail boards and bear traps. Don’t want anyone using the cars you find, then remove the tires and go bury’em. That sort of thing. One thing that’s off limits though; [size=14pt]YOU CANNOT TRAP THE SPAWN SHELTERS![/size] [size=14pt]ALSO! DON’T BURN DOWN PLAYER HOMES! THAT IS UNFAIR AND COULD POSSIBLY INSTAKILL THEM![/size]
2. Your turn ends exactly after one in-game year
So when it hits Spring 1, zip the file, upload it, and then link the download for the next player
3. If your character survives you get another turn [AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST]
We will basically run this until all characters die, so if your character survives the year. You get placed at the bottom of the list, and get to play again when we get to you.
4. When you’re dead YOU CAN’T COME BACK!
Once your character is dead. You get removed from the cycle list and get replaced with someone else, you can’t come back. [Yes, this even includes myself]
5. “Co-Op” is allowed
What I mean by Co-Op is this. If you and the rest of the group want to raid a structure, by having everyone get different supplies and basically do different parts of the structure. You can do that. If you wish to reclaim a town, you can do that. You want to build a UBERDEATHVEHICLE You can do that. Basically if you want to work together you can. You can also leave supply piles too for the spawning players.
6. If the game updates, please note that you are using an updated version of the game.
I want to keep using the experimental builds. But if it becomes a hassle, then we’ll switch to the latest stable build.
[size=18pt]DOWNLOAD LINKS[/size]
Latest Version downloads:
Version being used: Latest Windows Experimental: 0.A-1807

[center][size=24pt]Character list/Player list[/size][/center]

[center][size=18pt]1. Ajwilli1
2. [glow=red,2,300]Taraq[/glow]
3. FunsizeNinja123
4. Daidalon

[World Info coming after my playthrough.

Depending on the options, I may be up for it.

Also, which mods are being used?

[quote=“Daidalon, post:2, topic:6842”]Also, which mods are being used?[/quote]The OP says “unmodded and as vanilla as you can get”. I don’t know what that means for the medieval weapons and old guns mods that are enabled by default, though.

… I’m slightly afraid as to how this will end up, but sign me up anyway!


Sign me up. Hopefully I get to the liquor shops before you lot.

Challenge accepted!

i will do this

can we name him Leroy?

im gonna take screenies and write it very awesomely

sign me up

I wouldn’t mind playing, if/when space is available.