Is someone interested in a Coop mod?

I was almost sure that there was a coop mod but, sadly, nope. Have this game some serious issues with a coop mod or just no one did it?
And if someone can do it, will you people be interested on play it?

Are you on crack rocks? How in the world would co-op possibly work?

I’m with void on this one. A multiplayer mode is pretty much impossible for a game like cataclysm. Unless you want it to be incredibly frustrating to play anyway.

I’d prefer multiplayer co-op cataclysm to SP cataclysm, personally, but the fact is that’d be a new game. I mean, just look at how much trouble we have just with adding NPCs, and you can imagine what a nightmare multiplayer would be.

That said, player interactions in more subtle ways like shared worlds are possible features.

You could make the game real-time, but that might ruin the rouglikeness of it…

Yeah… roguelikes are not meant to be multiplayer games. I would stab myself in the eye waiting for others to take their turn. Even if players would use Action Points for movement instead.

Ohh, what about making it in turns like this:

I know that moves have different time to be made depending on what you are doing. (Example: carrying something with a lot of weight requires more time) So, until X player finishes his move, the other one (Y) can move. If they have the same time to spend, then the X player will move first and Y second, in turns, until desinchronization by time happens.

Reading/sleeping? Well, if one player starts reading, a “Read with the other player” message will pop up for the other player. If he does not accept, well then you won’t read. Same for sleep, tough it would require more time because both should sleep at the same time. Interrupting sleeping/reading? Both players get interrupted.

What for crafting? If X player crafts something, Y can move freely until the crafting stops.

Dying? What about dying? Well, you get fudged. So should go to a spawn shelter and the dead player would respawn, but only with starting points and traits.

I think it’s a really good idea!

Yeah, the main co-op obstacle is the turning system. But a system turned based can be modified in a Real Time (turned based).
Is not so easy to explain, i’ll try.

Actual system:
Turn based on player will.
All events are independent, but forced by the player will on turns.

New System:
Turn decided by an amount of time (secs)
All events are independent, follow turns will.
Player can do or not do something during the turn time.

In detail:
One can decide that a turn last 1 sec. If you do something in this 1 sec, you’ve done something in that turn. If not, nevermind. The turn ends and all events do what they have to do instantly. Next turn.

The main problem is that the game, now, end a turn only when a player gives an imput. (walk, sleep, craft, attack, etc).
If turns are seconds and runs in backgrounds, each action may needs a certain amount of seconds and turns will pass in real time.

Is not an easy mod, i see it, the main problem is the turnation system, but i think that the actual code have all the data to add this.

Fixed this, the cooperative mod whould be just The Game as it is now, in a lan (or hamachi) private server, like starbound and others.

Fire up libtcod and SDL, download the source code for one the games made using both and compile without Wait_for_Input method, that’s native to libtcod. This will make the game “real-time”.
Seriously, not recommending it. Unless you’re able to code in party management (leader/follower mechanism)… That is, until we have a proper sandbox model for the Arena.

I’m tring to think alternatives co-op ways.
I wish to play with my friends, but ther’s nothing we can do. We can just send us pictures of what we have done, tell us some story but definitly it’s not so entertaining, it ends soon and the game become heavy.

More a game need effort to complete something (example. a building), more is wanted cooperation with others. Not really to stress less yourself in build it, but mostly for Share it and the experience of build-survive.

Mmhh… anternatives ways to play with others this game?

You could install Cataclysm on a virtual server like linode and play it with your friends over ssh using the same world. But AFAIK it’s one person at a time. Still if you were to play at different times you could gather and build stuff cooperatively.

i know, it’s way too complicated, but i heard people had fun with this mode of play in Cata1 days,

c0dehero and VlasovVitaly are working on enhanced features for world sharing and dmgamelaunch integration.
Not multiplayer, but better support for world sharing.

Is this just me or what, but I find this idea so silly, I can’t even think of a witty comment about it.

I mean, yes, it is possible and it is in the code. Just like possibility to make Call of Duty turn based. But here’s the idea: game’s realistic. With realistic craft times. That’s what matters. So in co-op we either sacrifice that realism or sacrifice our game time and wait real 12 hours or so to build a house. I mean, you could add this silly “craft with other player?” option, but what if - I know, it’s unlikely - but what if other players are away? Will they contribute to crafting being 5 miles away and dealing with zombies?

Even in Minecraft such thing is pain in the neck, because when one player keeps doing stuff near his house and night comes, he’d really love to go to bed. All the creepers spawning can’t be real good for your houssssssse. But then, ususally other players are in the mine. What now? You can’t go in bed and make the time skip to morning for one player and keep the night for another.

The way I see it - it’s a game with two timeflow options: walk and smash things, and build and craft things. One happens in “real-time”, another one happens in the “skipping time” mode. If you think of a good idea on how to do it, not hampering the gameplay in one or another way, send a mail to Monolith Games. They tried to create Matrix Online once. Because if you have an idea for solving two timeflows problem, you’ll be able to think of an idea to make bullet time mode that works only for certain players in a real-time game.

TL;DR; while I enjoy the idea of co-op, I also enjoy the idea of realistic timeflow. And both don’t work together very well.

Actually IIRC crafting and whatnot don’t actually skip time, they just appear to. So it’s not that it’s skipping turns, it’s just that it disables refreshing the screen after each turn and the player just sits there while the game rapidly calculates it’s way through what everything else in the world is doing.

Nomenclature. There is time difference between start and end of the job. Even if game would calculate nuthin’, but change the clock, it’s still time skip. You COULD make it happen in 1 turn, but there are two major except mobs finding you and trying to rape you things that impact the gameplay.

Nightfall. Needs.

So you could just make player pay in his hunger and thirst level for crafting stuff in the co-op mod. But how are you going to affect the time-flow?

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:12, topic:5800”]c0dehero and VlasovVitaly are working on enhanced features for world sharing and dmgamelaunch integration.
Not multiplayer, but better support for world sharing.[/quote]

Yeah, this would be awesome!

I dream of a day when Cataclysm is made into a mod for STALKER.

Why would anybody do that? And how?

Uncle, the main problem here is "Do someone really wanna change the game mechanism so deeply?"
The good thing is that the game whould gain a lot, from a coop system, 'cuz crafting game are way more funny when played toghether.
The bad thing is that cataclysm is not born in the right way, to do such a mod easily.

There are plenty crafting-surviving games that allow co-op. They just have a fixed time for the day and a fixed time for the night. Plus, they don’t have a static turning system like cataclysm.
In cataclysm, turns pass only when the player do something, and this is the main obstacle.

In a real time turn system, turns passes when a certain amount of time pass. The player actions are not connected so deeply with the system. Player actions are just events, like all other events in the game, and they need time to be done, and “time” are turns.
That’s the main difference.

Said so, i can’t force anyone to change this big difference. I was inquiring on know who were interested.

Since cataclysms map system is handled in chunks you could have a system in place that would allow multiple players on one game in separate sections of the same map. When one player entered the same overworld chunk you could have a system in place like the invasion system in Dark Souls.

For those who are not familiar with Dark Souls, your player is undead normally unless you use humanity and become human again. This puts you online and someone who is in the same area as you can invade your game and fight you. You can also summon other human players to assist you in fighting through the different areas of the game. Of course, Dark Souls is a realtime game anyway, but still I believe that handling co-op in cataclysm could work that way as well.

Once the player was notified of a human player entering the area you could have the game still be turn based and let the invading player take the second turn and so on. OR the game could switch over to a timed movement system like mention in the first page of this thread.
This just seems like the most logical way to implement such a system. I would love to see this done as I myself have not enough experience to code something as complicated as that.