Cataclysm Succession Game

The game is a “Take, add something, pass it on” game.
The first name of the character will be random “William”, and the last name will be “Ballsacks”.

-Don’t cheat.
-Do not abuse save functions.
-Do not disable skill rust (we will look if your skill got lower).
-Yea, i guess if everyone agrees, we will have npcs enabled.
-You can be sneaky by telling nobody that you died, and restart, but we would rather want to know what happened c:
(If you died you can tell us, but you have to start from the previous link, no save abusing).
-Please have a stock of purifiers before you chug the mutagen, goes for bionics too (get high computer, mech, and first aid)
-If you break a rule, we will disqualify your turn (skip it).
-(More rules will be added)

How it works:
-There is a player, all his stats are at (default) 8, he has no good/bad traits, no skills, and he has no profession.
-Everyone who joins the game will help add a cool thing to the player (like making a cool motor cycle, give the player crazy mutations, or add a bunch of skills)
-There is a list of people in the succession game, the list will be determined by peoples posts (heehee, im first).
-You have 1 week, to play for 7 days (week). If a person completes the turn before 1 week, you can start playing, and if you finish the turn before his week, the person after you can take your week. Otherwise if you do not give us the updated file of catadda on some fileshareing thing (perferably dropbox, but it can be something like mediafire) by the end of your week, we skip you.
-If a person is skipped, you do not get 2 weeks, only if the person sends an unfinished file (not a 7 day round), you get a extended round.
-Screenshot stuff that happen in the game, and do a report after your done.

Gravastar <–

So we all play the same char, for 7 in-game day, and we got 7 IRL days to do it? Sign me up.

I vote for Craig Arfenunsson for a name.

But can we please at least use the limited skill rust? The second one? Otherwise, we won’t ever be able to craft really cool things.

I’ll join it.

Can’t say that I’ll not die doing some stupid raid on the town for some supplies using nothing but a pipe and some leather pants, but I’ll join.

Found an NPC that has a few things to trade (I dont have anything to trade at the moment), his name is Ethan Hughes.

There is this^ asshole Joe Jacksons who wont go with me in my travels and wont trade anything (I would’ve ran him over if i had a car).

Whoa! if your planning to modify a car, this place has 4 hard plating, 1 spiked plating, and 1 steel plating.
I didn’t get a rucksack :c

Well i got a few backpacks and I’m gonna start hoarding now, we have a tec-9, found a bunch of meth, crack, i only took the crack.
While i was trying to taze a deer with a tazer, i decided to go to the evac center to have fun with my no-good mommy boy NPC… Well i never knew he had an SKS with 80 bullets, i was gonna taze him like 100 times, but then i ended up clobberd her with a bat >_>

RIP Savannah Peterson.

Oh shit, he didn’t trade because he had nothing in his inv, RIP Joe Jackson.
Anyways, day 2, the person who i was chaseing led me to this LEMO :smiley:

Later i ransacked the place, it has a steel frame if that means anything to you, and i took all the guns for trading, and because I’m a hoarder c:

Well fwack, i apeantly got raped by 2 wolfs, a coyote, and 2 dogs.
I’m gonna restart tomorrow. Woop 2 days.

Ooh, this looks like it’ll be fun. Mind if I take a shot?

count me in

Well it was pretty stupid that i made a new world, i should’ve stuck with the old one.
Anyways 2nd attempt:
When i went into evac basement i was the most luckiest person in the world! I got a can of beans, i got a backpack, i got a bottle of water, and a book, a tread, and some vitamins.Afterwords i got a rock, made a spike, broke a window for string, heavy stick, and a sheet to cut up, to make a knife spear.Anyways i managed to find a mining thingy with 3 gas pumps, no cars tho, and i haven’t finished drinking my bottle of water :l While walking i found a lab, and a semi-truck! while walking back to the mining thingy i emptied my water bottle, and got some gas.So yea, the semi-truck is in pretty bad condition, we would probably get a new car after we get a good base, since we can sleep in our semi-truck.I have immediately came to the city when my semi-truck was at 100% gas, came to the gun store, killed, butchered, and looted all the bodies. we got .454 cascal casings because the Taurus raging bull is my favorite gun even tho ive checked if we can’t craft .454 bullets, give it some hope ;c I got 2 under armors and 2 tank tops for negative encumberment (after Ive fully read the sewing book i got). After the day i turned on the headlight of my car and read the “sew what, clothing!” book until i got tired (its at 70%). The next day it was raining, but for you guys i came out for the img of the aftermath.

Day 2: Well it was raining so i grabbed a scratched rain coat from a dead zombie, and decided to ransack a houses since we don’t have the most biggest food supply. The city does not have a big amount of houses in a small spot, so i went to another gun store, i picked up a 500 magnum ammo because it was apparently an XXX type and i know nothing about it. By the way, I’m using the tarus pro because it i have a bunch of ammo for it. Anyways i killed, butchered, and looted a bunch of zombies, and found a bunch of houses that i looted. Spotlights are: i found a power supply (i need a battery system) i found that CMB alloy leg armor, i found a wolf suit, managed to level up my tailoring to 1 with the book, and i got an infected wound and i have no antibiotics :C :>.
Anyways day 3: I’m gonna get antibiotics, and i noticed that there is a shitton on npcs out side, ill gonna gonna talk to them, and kill them if they don’t become my friend.

Well… a lot of stuff happened, well firstly i did not know that being infected makes you INSANELY HUNGRY AND THIRSTY. i managed to drive into the pharmacy without being horded, since i had 25 spd, i would’ve got raped but there was only 1 zombie, got me pretty hard but i made it. After that i went to the npcs thinking that when the infection is gone, my spd would go to normal. But i never realized that hunger and thirst was the reason. so i found some guys, i never jumped out of the semi-truck to to gather the loot from them because the semi-truck does not have a muffler, thus spawning hundreds of ants, and i forgot to open a door so that my npcs can enter my truck (derp), moments after i noticed my spd was because of hunger and thirst, so i drank 8 water bottles, also some orange juice, and cider. But then a soldier ant, and a brown ant RAPED ME. My torso was at red semi-colon (not broken) and i also got infected again, then recovered of course. I ran far away where ants stopped spawning, i found a gas station, i took everything, i turned toilet water into coffee, and ate 20 potato chips/jerky because i ended up with 20 bags. Ate everything i have in my semi-truck, i ate a deer, and 2 bears. And finally i get to normal stats. I don’t think I’m cumming back to that city >_>
I started to drive along a road, and i found a farm, i am just gonna read in this farm for now on. I manged to upgrade how to sew and how to cook, then i got chased from giant mosquitoes, now i use m1911. I went to another farm, slept, and i left that place, and then i found crates!

Woop, 2 mininukes, but i was really hoping for food :<
Anyways, damn its day 6 already, i am going to a mansion, i remember there is usually a bunch of food.
Anyways i traveled for a long time, i found this city, parked the semi truck right beside it, during my travels Ive found 2 npcs, one is usefull, one is not. So i upgraded many skills before day 7. And I’m too tired to finnish my last day :l
Edit: Ok its my final day, well i just got hit by something hard :C
What happend is that when i came back to my save, i got that terrible npc glitch, where if you save while npcs are in your car, the npcs are gone, and the game denies it, i get 2 debug messages every turn, even tho debug messages are off. So i ran away from my semi-truck, leaving everything behind (a lot of good stuff), so i can drive a car again. I found a mining base thingy, with gas, but no car, so i fill 2 plastic bottles with gasoline, and found a car along the road. I drive off using most of the gas from the 2 bottles to reach a gas station (i know i could’ve just drove back to the mining base). After that i went north for some reason, and i found a artifact! it has that bad thing where you teleport, but not get teleglow “you feel a force pulling you inward” as passive, and guess what, IT CAN SHOW SOME OF THE MAP, thus i used it, and instantly found an lmeo shelter.

Anyways, to whoever is gonna be next, try to get a good car, my semi, it has a bunch of good stuff, i think you have to press L on the map to see the list of notes I’ve made to locate it. By the way, the car is north west of the lmeo. I guess if there is a new version of cataclysm, you can update it. If you see cooking or sewing go down a level, read the book, it will go right back up. In front of the door there is the moving napkin artifact, pick it up when your gonna go out.
Finally the File:

That sounds good. Add me to the list, please.

Add me I’ve always wanted to do a succession game!

Bump, Sheb has done absolutely nothing for his turn, and it should be Mrnocamera’s right now.

Going to spain, sorry.

How, sorry, I though you still had one day to go, didn’t see the save link at the end. Can’t play otnight (midnight here), I’ll play tomorrow.

This game sure is off to a good start. :slight_smile:
A little request, guys: please make as much (N)otes as possible. Mark everything: minefields, locations you raided, jabberwocks you barely escaped from, loot stashes…

Yea :confused: I modified my post instead of doing a new post, just a silly mistake by reading it once, I guess I can give you another chance since that next person is apparently busy

“I’m going to Spain!” Were the last words he spoke on this thread for a while.

Here’s my first post. More will follow.

Chapter 1) An failed raid.

It’s been one week since I woke up in that evac shelter. I finally found a more permanent shelter, and decided to clean up the shelter a bit, order things, so I know where I stand.

We’ve got some food, a good supply of ammo and a weird, moving napkins. However, we’ve got no good melee weapon, and no gun to shoot our ammo. I’m stuck with a nail gun. Even worse, for some reason I though adding a suppressor to my nail gun was a good idea, despite the suppressor blocking the nails and preventing the gun from doing any damage.

As such, my first priority will be to use the cover of darkness to loot the military outpost a bit north and get some firepower.

As I get there I notice a flaw in my plan: the moon is giving enough light for the turrets to see me a few meters off. Can’t sneak past them. I off a couple with a grenade, and get into the compound, but no good loot is accessible. I do find a M249, but I don’t have any ammo for it either, and it’s too heavy to take on now.

I was contemplating whether to call it a day and try to haul the machine gun back anyway when a zombified soldiers start shuffling toward me. I immediately climb the fence, and get ready to shoot him through it with the nail gun, but…

it wasn’t going to work. The guy had the brilliant idea to die in his combat gear, and no nail gun was going to go through the layers of Kevlar and ceramics. As if this wasn’t enough, the soldier’s moaning brought the rest of his platoon.

With no ranged weapons, I was left trying to kill the soldiers with my crowbar. Sadly, I’m no fighter, and with the backpacks I had taken to carry the loot preventing me from moving freely, I just couldn’t deal with them. I tried to slow down, I even tried setting fire to some clothes on the ground to burn them, but nothing worked. Hits after hits took its toll, and a deep bite in my left forearm started to ooze a strange, thick, grey pus.

Right when I was ready to give up, cuddle and die, I saw a faint light on a nearby hill, like someone lighting a cigarette. Another survivor! If I could make it there, the survivor would take care of the zombies, or at least delay them enough for me to escape.

I ran to her, but my hope were dashed when I saw she had nothing but a measly rock. Still she distracted the zombies, and I made my escape.

And then… the unthinkable happened. One of the zombie fell to the savage rock. Then another. I stood 20 meters behind, in awe, as she dispatched the three zombies without so much as a scratch, calmly bowed to grab some kind of submachine gun and a mininuke from the bodies and walk away.

I ran to the bodies to see if anything worthwile was left, and grabbed an M4 and some though pants that would protect me against bites. However, this wasn’t to my savior’s liking. As she saw me grabbing my loot, she turned around, shouting “So you’re the é*$%hole that drew those Zeds to me! Die, scum!”

Knowing she was now equipped with a firearm and a nuke, I preferred to run away. I was going to make it back to the shelter, alive but hurt without much to show for it, when I stumbled on an ammo cache in the middle of some traps.

And amongst other caliber was… .45 ammo! Finally I could reload my M1911! And use it to kill those turrets! You’ll be mine, military outpose!

Chapter 2) The Comeback

After a good night sleep, I decided to try to raid that army outpost once more. I took my M1911, my 50 rounds of .45, and, to wait for the darkness, decided to explore the forest to the east.

There I found a cave and a cabin. Neither had much of interest, but the cabin’s owner (now a Zeb) had a hand press and a set of die for ammo-crafting on him. Might be useful to make some more .45 ammo later on.

I also found several sets of traps, one of which was protecting a bunch of drugs.

You’ll be glad to know we now have access to Adderall, cocaine and meth.

Then, as the night finally set, I went to the military base. Against, the moon prevented me from getting nearer than 7-8 m from the turrets. One of them actually got a shot, and took most of my face with it.

However, it happens my plan had a flaw: I can’t shoot for crap.

After expanding my 50 rounds of ammo, only a single turret was down. I’m not sure what to do now. Give up on that army base for now? Try to kill the turrets with rocks? Any idea?


I sadly don’t have any glass bottle. I may go and and have a look at the farms around.

For some reason, the images in your last story post aren’t showing for me. The ones in the previous post are fine.