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The launcher issue is being worked on:

@James_Cobalt is it fixed?


Hello. I just came by to report that I’ve noticed rollerblades doesn’t seem to be working for Cataclysm++ atm. I tested on a world with only Cataclysm++ mod installed.


Unfortunately it seems the latest release broke compatibility with this mod. The error occurs in the occurs in the c_bio_mutation_category file. The debug says that a member is not found titled threshold_mut (ation?). I hope this helps.


I suggest to update to latest mod version. That issue should’ve been resolved already.


I updated and it fixed the errors, I must have been using a fairly old version because now I run into these super scouts pretty frequently and good lord that attack. Is there a version without the added ranged insta death?


Just run and hide the second you notice on the minimap one of these super soldier zombies with ranged attack


I’d prefer if they just didn’t spawn. Good interesting monsters but doesn’t fit my play style unfortunately. May just manually remove them.



I am unsure why this is happening and perhaps it is version incompatibility(I am using slightly older version of cata with cata++)

But here is the problem and the solution. Newest version of Cata++ does not have inherited property of bionics(namely installation property), so you have to add that in.

Please add new line, [“copy-from”: “bionic_general”,] in


with line [“type”: “BIONIC_ITEM”,] in file mods\nocs_cata_mod-master(or whatever the version number may be)\Surv_help\c_bionics.json
Edit with notepad++.

This is what it would look like.
Before change:
“type”: “BIONIC_ITEM”,
“category”: “bionics”,
“id”: “bio_flamethrower”,
“symbol”: “:”,
“color”: “yellow”,
“name”: “Dual-Hand Flamethrower CBM”,
“description”: “Implanted in the palms of your hands lie a compact flamethrower system that uses bionic power and oxygen in the air as ignition, use as any other gun.”,
“price”: 220000,
“material”: [
“weight”: 2041,
“volume”: 10,
“bashing”: 8,
“difficulty”: 4

After the change:
“type”: “BIONIC_ITEM”,
"copy-from": “bionic_general”,
“category”: “bionics”,
“id”: “bio_flamethrower”,
“symbol”: “:”,
“color”: “yellow”,
“name”: “Dual-Hand Flamethrower CBM”,
“description”: “Implanted in the palms of your hands lie a compact flamethrower system that uses bionic power and oxygen in the air as ignition, use as any other gun.”,
“price”: 220000,
“material”: [
“weight”: 2041,
“volume”: 10,
“bashing”: 8,
“difficulty”: 4


I’ve followed this instruction, no dice. Still borked.

Anyone else confirm this is working for them?


Well, I hope anyone else is still playing this mod and if you are, you may have encountered:

‘There is no such faction “prepper” error’ where upon attempting to save after seeing the said error message, you promptly crash and YOUR SAVE FILE GETS BROKEN(I got something like “reached EOF for 0.1.0” error or something) because this NPC is unresolvable.

Here is the solution:

Go to cata++/Npc/c_npc.json (editing with notepad++ is still recommended)
Replace every instance of
“faction”: “preppers”
"faction": “nc_preppers” (there are like 3 instances of this line and you must replace all 3 of those.)

(in fact it is highly recommended you to DO THIS NOW BEFORE YOUR ENCOUNTER THIS ERROR TO NEVER FUCK YOUR SAVE UP but odds are you will never see this post until you encounter this error and somehow google your way down here. While long term consequences are unknown, better losing the save altogether.)
This MAY fix the “reached EOF” error for your game and may recover your save file.

On the side note, ID is not same as name. Bad Noctifier, Bad. Please do not code 12 hour straight. I know I do it often enough.


Which CBM are you attempting to install, where did you add the line, and which CDDA (release) version are you using?

(oh, and what are the symptoms after the fix? Any exciting error message or issues when activating CBM or CBM just don’t work?)


Not installing a CBM.

Am trying to get Cata ++ to load under the current experimental.


Well that is a lot more work to get through, so let me just post list of changes you need to make to make this… functional.

My style of change is to delete the conflicted issue line so I will never ever have to see the said thing again…

We have lot to go through so I will just list changes you need to make.
Little warning is that this all require you to kind of know what you are doing.

CHANGE 1. Missing “threshold_mut”
Go to Cata++\Mutations\c_bio_mutation_category.json and replace the entire file with below line.

“type”: “mutation_category”,
“id”: “mutation_bio_weapon”,
“name”: “Bio-Weapon”,
“category”: “BIO-WEAPON”,
“threshold_mut” : “”,
“mutagen_message”: “This is a bug, report to Noctifer if you see this.”,
“iv_message”: “This is a bug, report to Noctifer if you see this.”,
“memorial_message”: “All your enhancements came short of immortality.”
“type” : “mutation”,
“name” : “Bio-Weapon”,
“threshold_mut” : “”,
“points” : 1,
“description” : “You are not human. You can’t even remember anymore, whether you were ever human to begin with. What matters is that now, you are more than human.”,
“valid”: false,
“purifiable”: false,
“threshold”: true

CHANGE 2. changed mutation ID on infusion set and defusion sets.
Go to Cata++\Surv_help\c_tools.json and change following lines.
“use_action” : “MUT_IV”,


“use_action” : {
“type” : “mutagen_iv”

“use_action” : “PURIFY_IV”,
“use_action” : “PURIFIER”

(Why does devs have to change the god damn variable names.)

CHANGE 3. Invalid vehicles.
I am just going to delete invalid vehicles because annoying.

Delete Cata++\Vehicles\c_vehicles.json
Delete Cata++\Vehicles\c_vehicle_groups.json

go to Cata++\Terrain\Survivor_Holdout.json and replace it with

“type”: “mapgen”,
“method”: “json”,
“om_terrain”: [ “Survivor_Holdout” ],
“weight”: 1000,
“object”: {
“//”: “One vehicle goes inside the other…”,
“rows”: [
“terrain”: {
“#”: “t_dirtmound”,
": "t_palisade", "+": "t_palisade_gate", ".": "t_dirt", "7": "t_tree_apple_harvested", ";": "t_utility_light", "=": "t_metal_floor", "B": "t_metal_floor", "C": "t_water_pump", "F": "t_metal_floor", "O": "t_metal_floor", "U": "t_metal_floor", "^": "t_metal_floor", "_": "t_metal_floor", "a": "t_metal_floor", "b": "t_metal_floor", "c": "t_fence_post", "e": "t_metal_floor", "f": "t_metal_floor", "o": "t_palisade_pulley", "r": "t_door_metal_c_peep", "s": "t_shrub_strawberry_harvested", "w": "t_window_enhanced", "{": "t_metal_floor", "|": "t_wall_metal" }, "furniture": { "#": "f_null", "”: “f_null”,
“+”: “f_null”,
“.”: “f_null”,
“7”: “f_null”,
“;”: “f_null”,
“=”: “f_smoking_rack”,
“B”: “f_bed”,
“C”: “f_null”,
“F”: “f_forge”,
“O”: “f_standing_tank”,
“U”: “f_kiln_empty”,
“^”: “f_still”,
“_”: “f_null”,
“a”: “f_anvil”,
“b”: “f_fireplace”,
“c”: “f_null”,
“e”: “f_toilet”,
“f”: “f_fridge”,
“o”: “f_null”,
“r”: “f_null”,
“s”: “f_null”,
“w”: “f_null”,
“{”: “f_locker”,
“|”: “f_null”
“place_toilets”: [
{ “x”: 21, “y”: 15 }
“place_items”: [
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 19, “y”: 15, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 3, “y”: 15, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 4, “y”: 11, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 2, “y”: 9, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 21, “y”: 7, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 18, “y”: 5, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 3, “y”: 4, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 21, “y”: 3, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 7, “y”: 3, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “x”: 13, “y”: 2, “chance”: 50 },
{ “item”: “weapons”, “x”: 9, “y”: 10, “chance”: 75 },
{ “item”: “gear_survival”, “x”: 9, “y”: 9, “chance”: 75 },
{ “item”: “tools_common”, “x”: 14, “y”: 9, “chance”: 75 },
{ “item”: “cannedfood”, “x”: 14, “y”: 12, “chance”: 100 },
{ “item”: “raw_materials”, “x”: 14, “y”: 10, “chance”: 75 }
“add”: [
{ “item”: “recipe_surv”, “x”: 14, “y”: 12, “repeat”: 1 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 5, “y”: 0, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 0, “y”: 1, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 23, “y”: 2, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 23, “y”: 4, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 0, “y”: 6, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 23, “y”: 12, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 0, “y”: 13, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 0, “y”: 18, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 23, “y”: 18, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 2, “y”: 23, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 6, “y”: 23, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 13, “y”: 23, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “wire_barbed”, “x”: 21, “y”: 23, “repeat”: 2 },
{ “item”: “semap”, “x”: 14, “y”: 12, “repeat”: 1 }
“place_npcs”: [
{ “class”: “bff”, “x”: 11, “y”: 13 }
“place_monster”: [
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_necro”, “x”: 9, “y”: 7 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_necro”, “x”: 14, “y”: 7 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_necro”, “x”: 7, “y”: 10 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_brute_shocker”, “x”: 16, “y”: 10 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_brute_shocker”, “x”: 7, “y”: 13 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_brute_shocker”, “x”: 16, “y”: 13 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_corrosive”, “x”: 10, “y”: 16 },
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_corrosive”, “x”: 13, “y”: 16 }

And THEN you are done. Good luck on playing!


Thank you very much!


can someone link me a list of everything that’s in the mod? thx



Shady_Mcshade is helpful but his edit may show up as a different looking “aggressive” " and the game may refuse to load

use notepad, open it in it and use the “search” then replace with normal " like in the picture.

edit: copy paste them in it from the notepad document the “aggressive” " and input th normal " yourself in the Replace with


Encountered a weird bug after running into one of those Bio-Hunters I rescued before.


How to run mod on the android version? I jusy add it but when generating map my game got crashed


It’s been quite a while since I made an update… I have just lost interest in the forums for quite a while… Probably won’t come back anytime soon… Anyways, this mod is still being updated, just made an update in the OP. All download links but this one are no longer valid. Check the github for updates there or the cdda unofficial discord where I am still around. Feel free to leave a comment or feed back in either locations. I’ll try to post an update here that will be a link to the latest PR in the mod’s github with the latest changes as a summary. Here is the most current one.

The mod is still alive and being updated, no worries. Am currently working on rebalancing some overpowered stuff so there is that. Ok then, thank you for anyone still sticking around, happy gaming.