Cataclysm++ Mod


New update!

As always, just press here to download.

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Is there anyway to disable survivor encampments? They seem way too full of loot and it always feels like I’m cheating when I take the stuff.

Also, are they overmap specials? Because I’m trying to get other ones to spawn :slight_smile:
If they arent then I guess i’ll just avoid them.


This should answer your question.


This error is breaking the world and won’t let me even load in/create a character there. Help? error


are you using an old CDDA build? the filthy tag was added I think? 3 or 4 months ago

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is the issue for “no harvest entry” fixed? i’ve been getting this lately on latest experimental build.


If you delete the FYLTHY trait it will be solved, but there are a bunch of more errors


Hi there. I’am new to C:DDA and this great mod. Should i just enable this mod itself? Do others here use any of the other mods that come with the experimental version alongside this? Do they use other mods that don’t come with the exper. version? I’am especially looking at the tilesets. Thanks!

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Why there so much bio soldiers zombies in town?

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Just a heads up, the updating to the latest experimental (8802) breaks the mod by having the “join” be an invalid mission function for the mission going to the Unknown Bunker.

Segfault on loading character or making new one

I keep trying to give her a google, but no idea how to fix, my poor editing skills didn’t help. This be the error i get.
22:24:23.624 ERROR : (error message will follow backtrace)

Backtrace emission took 0 seconds.
src/main_menu.cpp:707 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: data/mods//nocts_cata_mod-0.D/Npc/TALK_MSCI.json: line 72:7: dynamic line not supported

Apophis… It was a Bio-Weapon specifically designed to eliminate every other Bio-Weapon and Bio-Weapon scientist. Now we can try to get things fixed up eventually, and work on research that might benefit others out there."
“responses”: [
{ “text”: “Oh, good luck, I suppose.”, “topic”: “TALK_MSCI” },


This bug look is repeating or you have a old version.
Are you using GitHub one?

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I use the Game Launcher.
Was under the impression that it kept mods up to date as well.

Downloaded mod off GitHub, works fine in experimental.
Going to download all my other broken mods in that fashion as well.

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ok trying to do the same but kind find the damn game (already had 3 crashes due to missing faction)


ok Found the download but Still getting the bugs


Last versions as lots of changes. I stop at 8226 because of errors. Still got one about battery but game load.
Update the game with old saves is always risky.
If the game as mods is a sure thing you got problems.
I suggest stuck at one version until you play another new game. But that depend of the mods you use and how often theyre updated. Still you risk ctd at big changes in vanilla experimental.
I wish can help more.


thanks any then at least i got a reason