Needs some testing & feedback for New Scenario Pack

I created a scenario pack for the game that adds some new scenarios & professions for fun. The main premise of this pack is to allow the player to start off in more interesting locations. Some give you a thematic reason for being there, some are of the challenge variety , and most are just an excuse to start in an interesting location.

Testing, Feedback, & Suggestions are Welcome just be gentle, it’s my first submission.

Edit - added one new scenario. Could use more help test playing & balance tweaking. I would love to find out how to submit my mod to be including into main game directory of mods.


X-Patient Zero definitely looks OP, in which it starts with high-end mutations and leaves me with 8 free points :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I started to roam with it, but I’m not lucky with my generated starting point… No guns to fight back those burnerz :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole horde is dead… I guess :confused:

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Love the play by play screens :smiley:

I should probably tweak Zero’s starting points, and maybe add some counter mutations to make it less OP

Oh, good!
Maybe add the Glass Jaw as addition to its starting mutation (to balance the profession a bit :slight_smile:)

Every time I disassembled an item in game I thought “no disassemble” and now you’ve put Johnny 5 in the game.

Now when I run into other cyborgs I can tell em their mama was a snowblower :smiling_imp:

Second most traumatic clip from a kids film :stuck_out_tongue:

Glorious! If only there was a tank tread cbm to complete the look…


  • I added one new scenario, and made the mod open for editing, to let people help me tweak the mod pack to work with new E cata. ( i think i made it open)

-Also, how do I go about submitting the mod to the main game to be included in with all the other mods that show up upon game start?

Thanks in advanced!