Cataclysm++ Mod



Yeah, that one![/quote]
oh right , i forgot
since we’re doing this, do you have anything planned for the next update ?


Since npc modding did not go so well I plan to rebalance weapons for now, both core and mod nes and I will go from there.


Finished with the update, not what I wanted it to be but it is what I was able to do. I can only work on this mod on the weekends and last weekend was just a myriad of failures trying to customise npcs. This update is what came of it. Download it from the front post as usual. Soon the info of mod contents will leave the front page and be put on a read me file of the mod. The front post will be filled with links for things like the github repo for this mod and will still have the onedrive link. I will be working on the read me file today and tomorrow and changing the front page, for now here is the change log for this update.

-Fix survivor combatives manual
-Changes to MX-84 Laser sniper:
*Uped cost form 50 to 250.
*Lower dispersion from 25 to 0.
*Changed aim speed from 8 to 10.
*Raised reloading speed from 0 to 100.
-Changes to ARC-314 laser carabine:
*Lower damage from 35 to 20.
*Lower piercing from 20 to 10.
*Lower dispersion from 2 to 0.
*Lower range from 30 to 25.
-Changes to KRX-108 laser LMG:
*Raise cost from 25 to 100.
*Lower damage from 50 to 40.
*Lower piercing from 20 to 15.
*Lower range from 30 to 20.
*Lower dispersion from 15 to 10.
*Increased volume from 12 to 15.
-Increased cost of Survivor’s UPS Rifle cost from 20 to 100.
-Overrides to the A7 laser rifle:
*Increased cost from 40 to 100.
*Made dispersion 0.
*Lower piercing to 10.
-Overrides to LACP laser pistol:
*Increased cost from 20 to 30.
*Decresed range from 30 to 15.
*Decresed dispersion from 180 to 50.
*Decresed pierce from 6 to 5.
*Decresed realoding time from 300 to 50.
-Overrides to V29 Laser pistol:
*Decreased range from 30 to 20.
*Decreased pierce from 15 to 5.
*Decreased dispersion to 50.
*Decreased reloading time from 200 to 25.
-Added npc classes for Super Soldiers,Bio Weapons and SLave fighter.
-Gave all mod npcs appropiate classes.

Here is the github link if you are interested.


I know you’re probably busy, and I hate to add more for you to do, but the Survivor’s Station doesn’t appear to be doing anything. It functions as most of the components would when you examine it once installed into a vehicle but for crafting and construction purposes the game doesn’t recognize it as having any of the tools that went into it. For example: despite being made of a vehicle welding rig it can’t be used to repair or install anything in a vehicle, even when standing right next to it. I didn’t try the mini fridge or UPS Recharging Station functions since I never use those anyway.

It also can’t be disassembled, so the components are gone permanently for something that can’t do what they did.

If I’m telling you something you already know, then I apologize. Other than that this looks fantastic, especially the Armored Scout Suit. Thanks again for making this.


Guess recent vehicle changes messed this up, will take look when able. Thanks for the report!

EDIT: Made a github issue so that I don’t forget!


Current version is bugged! Do not download until I upload a fix for the update!


Front page update and so is the mod! Go and see what is new! For now both links have the exact same content so take your pick. Be sure to read the news and F.A.Q sections to not be lost. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Updated mod not workin’ for me. I just wanted my survivor station to work :frowning:

pls help. I tried both versions of the updated mod.


[quote=“hobophobic, post:508, topic:10523”]Updated mod not workin’ for me. I just wanted my survivor station to work :frowning:

pls help. I tried both versions of the updated mod.

I know what happened, give me a few minutes.


holy crap that was fast. You are awesome!


The mod is updated and fixed. Take your pick of either one as they are both the same. No load errors on my part but let me know if you have them.


No load errors, everything appears to be working now, including the Survivor Station :slight_smile:

Thank you so much


[quote=“hobophobic, post:512, topic:10523”]No load errors, everything appears to be working now, including the Survivor Station :slight_smile:

Thank you so much[/quote]
Not a problem, any other issues just let me know.


Is it possible to get the Survivor Combatives style without playing Slave Fighter Scenario?

I found two copies of the Survivor Combatives book but neither imparted it.


You need to be a certian level in melee to be able to learn it from the manual. I will also added it to certian starting scenarios as well.


Front page has changed and so has the poll, please take a moment to check both. The onedrive link is now has changes the github doesn’t.
If you have any questions check the front page faq first to see if it is answer and if not then ask away! Report bugs/changes/proposals in the github repo if at all possible but any reports here won’t be ignored. Good luck survivors!


Hi, the Survivor Station should work as cold storage, yes? It is currently not able to hold anything.


I will check if it is meant to work as a fridge, if it is then I will add cargo space.


Well, a minifridge is one of the crafting ingredients. And it definitely had cargo space before I updated last night.


Dood, I love your mod… but it needs some balance? no? I mean, the laser weapons and the unknown lab just allow you to press the easy button… not sure if this was designed, but would be awesome if you could make it a tad harder, and the drops less?