Cataclysm++ Mod



Good news! I have now acquired the ability to upload and download! Expect a fix for this mod for the current experimentals in a few hours of this post plus a few rebalances. Stay tune for any other updates. I apologize for the extreme delay and appreciate all the patience you all have shown!


GREAT! :smiley:


Fix complete! Go to the front post to download, here is the change log:
11-Fixed issues with experimentals.
11-Added vast amount of weapons to Survivor Combatives.
11-Rebalance and additions of fancy clothing.
11-Overwrite of Bionic Toolset.

Here are a few things. I will make a github repo for this mod, report any issue and suggestions there. That doesn’t mean I will not look in here for issues and bug fixes, but github has a very nice system for them that allows me to keep track of them. This thread will mostly be used to convey info to you and for a quick way to download the mod. Any PRs in github to this mod will be welcomed! Here is the plan.

1.) Make Cataclysm++ github Repo.
2.) Make the Front page of this thread up to date.
3.)Fix spelling of the mod.
4.)Make an official release in github.

Here in the Front page will be two links:
1.) The github official release, this will be updated weekly.
2.) The onedrive link, this will work the same way you are accustomed to, any little change I make will be uploaded and you just download. Fixes to incase the mod breaks will be uploaded here too.

Think of 1 as the stable release and 2 as the experimental version of this mod.

Time to get started!


i think having github be the experimental, where as onedrive the stable one might work better, because github is sorta more accustom to rapid changes, like with how CDDA is

also, i think i found a bit of a big bug, trying to start a character with Cataclysm ++ installed,a custom one, i get this error:


Thanks for the report, on it.


i sorta fixed it by deleting all the scenario edit thingys, without the name but only the ident and the changes u want to make too them.


Now I found the errors, expect an actual fix soon.


Uploaded a true fix now. Stay tuned for what’s next.


anything good coming up?


anything good coming up?[/quote]
Right now I am slowly tweaking npcs to have better loot and rewriting the OP of this thread and a read me for the mod.


First off, thank you for making this. I love mods that add stuff, and this appears to do that in abundance.

Maybe now I can finally go 5 days in PK’s rebalance without getting mutilated by an ant, or a moose.

I am having problems, though.
The error message at character generation says that there are too many mandatory overmap specials (It says 101>72, so unless I’m misreading it, the game can only spawn 72 types of things like Labs, FEMA camps, and whatnot). What this means in practice is that it cannot spawn the Bio Weapon Labs, which are sort of essential to the Bio Weapon scenarios. Do you happen to know how I could dictate which overmap specials spawn? I’ve already tried putting Cataclysm++ first on the mod load order (well, second since everything needs the core content) and still can’t get the game to generate a Bio Weapon Lab at the start.

Another problem is that I can’t seem to save a world that has Cataclysm++ without the game crashing. The only details I can really give you on that are that when I try to save with Shift+S as soon as I press “Y” a Windows text box appears saying “Cataclysm.exe has stopped responding”, then when I close it the game shuts down. I can reload the game and the world is there as though it saved, but when I try to load it, the same thing happens again.

It may have been fixed with the most recent changes to the mod, I haven’t tried it as of typing this. I was using the 0.C 6017 Experimental with the tiles. I also tried it on a world with only the core content and Cataclysm++ enabled so it can’t be conflicting mods.


I am glad to hear you are enjoying the mod. First of all, loading mods last gives them priority over other mods. When starting a new world with the bio-weapon scenario, just keep trying in the prompt or regenerate the world is certainly that is out of my hands. As for the crashing, try replicating it with no mods but core and tell me if it keeps happening, I will look at it when I have time…having a job is more demanding than I thought so I can’t work on the mod as much as I would like.


So that’s why it never worked. Thanks for telling me that. As for the crashing, it’s not happening anymore, so I’m good there.

At character generation it says that the game can’t generate a suitable spawn point, and asks if it should retry. I’ve already tried regenerating the world like that for about two minutes straight, taking roughly 3-5 seconds per report. I guess it’s just sheer dumb luck that determines whether or not it works, so I’ll just have to keep trying.

If I’ve offended, I apologize. I wasn’t trying to cast blame for anything going wrong, as much as this game is being rewritten it’s practically Genetically Unstable itself, so problems are bound to crop up, but it’s easily worth the odd inconvenience.


No offense taken here, just letting you all know that progress on the mod will be slow…


Have you managed to get custom NPCs that will spawn as wandering NPCs?


Wandering, no, I am trying to to do static but nothing. I am trying to set classes with items but I might be missing something.


so is there an option to turn down the rate of the wrecked buildings ?
since i prefer playing with low town size its getting seriously annoying to have already rare buildings like hardware stores be even MORE rare
but i like the mod so i can just disable it
help ?


This mod does not affect building spawn rates, you are thinking of another mod that I can’t remeber right now…


Said mod is overmap rebalance or such.


Yeah, that one!