Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.C Cooper released. (now with translations)

The Cooper release is named in honor of the new monster infighting system, now you can sit back and watch as your enemies tear each other to pieces. Don’t get too close though, they’re still out for your blood.

This release also brings the long-requested DeathCam system, which lets you see the aftermath of the glorious fireball or atrocious trainwreck that was your demise.
Gun users will notice a new aiming menu, you now spend time to steady your aim, do you take the shot now, or wait until the zombie gets a little closer?
Tailoring-oriented survivors (and who isn’t?) will note the new tailor’s kit item, which lets you add insulation or protective patches to your clothes.
Survivors with gigantic deathmobiles may appreciate the new turret options, including being able to enable/disable individual turrets, and being able to fire some turrets manually.
Finally, for survivors with, shall we say, “well-stocked” bases, there are massive improvements to performance when there are many thousands of items nearby.

As usual, the official stable builds are available from the website:
Linux Curses
Windows terminal.

And as usual, the ridiculously gigantic changelog:

Infighting! Monsters now have factions assigned and will attack other monsters from opposing factions.
Meteorology! Featuring all-new thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer, as well as an all-inclusive weather station.
Now we can finally talk about the weather, as we’ve always wanted. (disclaimer, you can’t chat about the weather with NPCs)
You can warm yourself up from a nearby fire.
Change car batteries without any tools, truck batteries with just a wrench, or install swappable storage battery cases and add/remove storage batteries to your heart’s content. Electric cars come with cases for their storage batteries by default now.
Many vehicle parts are now foldable, enabling you to have a more complete folding bicycle (or wheelchair).
Aiming! You can now spend time when aiming a ranged weapon to improve your accuracy with it.
The patented DeathCam™! You can now watch what happens after your epic death: is anything left of you after that massive fire burns itself out?
Rifle straps! Mount one on your gun and just wear it when you’re not using it.
Some cars have alarms now, and you can try to bypass the alarm and unlock the controls.
Better interactions with worn items, such as auto-retrieving stowed items from them.
Toggle modes for each vehicle turret individually.
Manual fire turrets.
Cameras mountable on vehicles to extend view area.
New drive-by-wireless system for cars, remote-control full-sized cars!
Clothing modifications (padding and reinforcing).

An abandoned farmhouse may spawn in the forest from time to time, with a sad story behind it.
Tanning with trees! Blackjack oaks now spawn, and can provide tanbark.
Electric chainsaws and jackhammers now exist in the world.
Destructible bridges! They can be smashed, they have sidewalks, and are a source of rebar.
Straw! Get it from the hay in farm barns and make yourself a nice straw hat.
Battery mods (extended battery, rechargeable battery, etc.) can now be removed by applying a screwdriver.
Wool and felt are now usable materials.
Lots of clay and pottery recipes/items.
Diesel fuel/engines/pumps.
Lots of comestibles and recipes for them.
Buildable concrete and brick walls and roofs.
Flu shot that actually innoculates against flu.
Metal tank furniture similar to a keg, but easier to make.
Lots of new clothes and recipes for them.
Large amounts of chemical and metalurgy additions, lots of bombs and rockets.
Interior lights for vehicles.
Fire engine, with a water cannon!
Occasional mineral drops when tunneling (limestone so far).
Zombie technician gained a disarm attack.
Student professions.
Generic spiritualist content.
Craftable canned food and recipes.
More farming content and recipes to make use of them.
Even more houses!

Butchering can now be used to cut up items, too. Also, you can now salvage all the things (in a tile) in one keypress.
Item descriptions now tell you what you know you can craft with them. No more wondering what those stupid copper tubes are good for.
You can now choose to ensure that items you pick up never get wielded, keeping your hands free – useful when you want to be using a martial arts style that’s primarily unarmed.
Foraging just… happens. Without prompting you (Y/N?) every (Y/N?) time.
You can now choose to re-roll a random scenario along with your other random character generation things.
New item action menu, trigger items without rooting around in your inventory!
Option to merge all cash card charges into one card at an ATM.
Laser-dot targeting now triggers safe mode.
Streamlined vehicle construction menu by adding a shape select menu to parts that have multiple symbols.
Added tabs to vehicle construction menu to help manage all the parts.
Sound symbols persist until the end of the player turn, and can be examined for a description.
Warning prompt about activated items when sleeping or waiting.
Item names now have HP bars displayed with them.
Add V-menu (nearby items/monsters) to peek command.
Add filters to advanced inventory.

Gun mods aren’t just a free-for-all when reaching marksmanship level 1 anymore – instead, they each have different skill requirements to install.
Canes, cudgels, and umbrellas now work as improvised fencing weapons.
Gunstores are all locked up.
Muscle-powered engines can run alternators now.
Muscle-powered engines cause thirst, hunger and fatigue.
Split out more layering locations and layers, but made layering penalties harsher.
Nerfed shrapnel from bombs in general, they are MUCH less effective against armored enemies.
Monsters with many weapons semi-intelligently choose which ones to use.
Tuned skilling progression for making archery items to allow bootstrapping.
Unfletched arrows no longer count as ammunition so they don’t clutter your firing menu.
Some monsters have a small amount of nightvision, Now you will learn why you fear the night.
Enabled trading with starting NPC at game start.
Slowed tankbots down so you have a chance of running away from them.
Zombie master special now picks from every zombie, not just a small list.

Doors and windows no longer hold up the roof! Hopefully preventing collapses from zombies breaking into your shop.
Solar panels now just work (as long as they’re above-ground and it’s sunny).
Fixed dark temple finale by enhancing the dark wyrms that it spawns.
Fix slow vehicles getting stuck in reverse.
Fixed free blocks when player had no block techniques.
Make effects that damage all player bodyparts use the same armor code as other attacks.
Scale damage to armor based on its coverage so e.g. power armor isn’t ridiculously vulnerable to acid.
Fatigue can no longer go so negative that you don’t need to sleep for days.
Unify vehicle fuel handling.
Game remembers which mutations you had activated.
Fixed turrets shooting through doors.
Fixed bug that was making gun recoil be too low.
Fixed bashing corpses with blunt objects.

MASSIVE improvement in performance when there are large numbers (thousands) of items nearby.
Added a clustering algorithm for monster hearing that improves performance when there are many (thousands) of monsters on-map and making noises.
Iterate across map structures in cache-friendly way.
Avoid saving/loading sections of map that aren’t interesting (like solid rock).

Diseases are configurable from JSON and applied as relatively generic status effects.
Pedal/wheelchairs/paddles united as a “fuel type”.
About half of the item types are now composable, for example you can easily make a “wearable gun”, or “wearable tool” now.
Overhaul and simplification of map data handling.
Simplification of gun and gunmod handling.
Restored building under MSVC.
Build performance improvements via removing unecessary includes.
Simplify handling of vehicle coordinates.
Visibility checking API cleanup.
Unified filesystem API.
Extracted activity handlers from game.cpp
Sound processing moved to a dedicated module. (in-game hearing, not the game making sound)
Moved some shared logic from player to character.
Streamlined obsolete mod handling.

EDIT: Updated URLs to point to bundles with latest translations.

Alrighty, time to dive into again and start fresh over.

Hooray, it includes my tileset!

I’ve got lot of things that are only in 0.C, plus loads of armor and weapons what appear on your character when you wear them. Plus mutations! And lots more!

Check it out in the tileset list, or over here.

Congrats to the development for another awesome release, as well as everyone who was involved. Monster infighting will certainly be epic for me.


[size=8pt]Get back to lurking, and killing zombies with me Mobile Death Fortress 3000[sup]tm[/sup][/size]

Yay! It’s finally out! Thanks devs!

I made a 0.C release build for Mac OS X. This is the non-localized tiles version of the game. It should work on OS X 10.7 or newer. You can download it here:


vuvuzelas and confetti

Great work, to all that were involved, again, and as always. I’m eternally grateful that DDA has attracted such a dedicated group of craftsmen and caretakers…

Truly great stuff!

It’s alive! And, it tastes like candy! :)))
It’s the twelveth official!


It’s so great that so many people who really know their trade are working on this. The constant barrage of improvements is just ridiculously awesome. Also +1 for diseases being jsonized.

Ye gads! This release is like a TARDIS of Awesome. So many amazing features in such a tiny download!

One bit question (likely answered elsewhere, but I’m painfully cautious these days) is it save compatible with the previous release? Or, more specifically, if I update to this release mid Let’s Play, will there be any issues?

If it’s fully compatible, or at the very least, will only cause minor issues like some items going missing, etc, then that’s great! But if suddenly all the stairs turn to stained glass windows, then Isdar is just going to have to live on in the old release ;__;

Yet another epic release, with tons of nice new features, bugfixes and optimizations.

Grats devs!!!

0.C is compatible with 0.B saves.

I bet my nothing this stable build will be very unstable. So yeah, I’d like to not download it yet and wait for YKW bugs get fixed.


Can’t wait so much, I need it RIGHT NOW.

Psh, we learned from our past mistakes. Nobody was allowed to claim that this will be “the most stable build ever” this time, so we should be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man this is cool, 0.C is out already! What sucks is i found out while playing that my shift key’s suddenly went kaput and won’t work, both of my shift keys. Sticky keys is not on or anything. This makes me unable to use about half of the keys for DDA!

EDIT: Redundency was redundent, also I corrected the capitalization and grammar while on a school computer.

When will the homepage be updated?

I haven’t kept up with development or anything like that, and perhaps this is the wrong place to ask, but why is the Windows tiles version so much better than the Windows terminal version? (I play the tiles version with tilesets turned off.) There are a number of things about the terminal version that are distracting, including screen flickers when entering/exiting certain menus that don’t appear in the tiles version. Am I just doing something wrong?

It has to do with the backend windows terminal support (which is on Microsoft’s head, not ours). You can fix it be downloading a better terminal in some cases, but it’s mainly just a Microsoft vs. Linux type of thing.