Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.9 Ma released

The Ma release is characterized by polish and preparedness. We’ve put more effort into stabilizing Cataclysm than in any previous release, and taken the time to support saves from 0.8. There’s loads of new content - items ranging from survivor suits to RPG-7s, new mutations and new vehicles, loads of recipes including the ability to smith your own tools from scratch, and a few new enemies to round it out.

The release is available from the usual locations:
Windows SDL:
Windows GDI:
Linux SDL:
Linux GDI:
Mac curses: TBB
Official release page on github:

See the full changelog for other features:

World Factory: Multiple worlds managed at once.
New mutation categories.
Basic mouse support in SDL builds.
Vehicle construction system rework.
Backward compatibility with 0.8 saves.
Unbelievable amount of new content.


New mutation categories.
Blob drops are semi-useful.
World Factory: Multiple worlds managed at once.
Single keypress pulping.
Better Basements.
Dynamically swap between text and tiles, and among tilesets.
Funnels catch water when the player is far away.
Curvy roads.
V menu now lists monsters too.
Emergency vehicles.
Shia’s back.
Doors tougher, but zombies can pile on when trying to bash through them.
Spawning monsters in packs.
Shopping carts are driveable.
Basic mouse support in SDL builds.
Food dehydrator.
Some clothes have hoods that are used automatically if there’s no hat in the way.
Only prompt to confirm butchering if there are hostiles nearby.
Books have chapters.
Better furniture dragging interface with 'G’rab.
More cart types, hot dog, welding, luggage; swivel chairs.
Track more stuff for memorial file.
Basic tool quality support for more streamlined crafting recipes.
Fungaloid rework.
Vehicle workbench like components act like tools.
Huge pile o books.
Furniture and terrain definitions moved to json.
Survivor armor.
Large numbers of wild animals.
Power system for vehicles and battery components.
Reinforced vehicle components.
Vehicle construction system rework.
Multi-square vehicle doors.
Make vehicles more resilient to damage and better able to smash through obstacles.
Vehicle spawns have personality added in various ways.
Removed action interruption from drug cravings.
Ludicrous numbers of new foods.
Vehicle horns.
Backward compatibility with 0.8 saves.
Stylish trait.
Pickup partial stacks.
Flaming weapons.
Too many new professions to list.
Diseases can now be bodypart specific (bleeding, bites).
Reworked martial arts framework. Arts are no longer pseudo-items, and can be mostly defined in json.
Reworked and streamlined bionics failure chance and install UI.
Streamlined continuous reading.


Monsters that don’t take damage no longer leave blood trails.
Broken gas tanks act broken.
Highlighting lines in tiles mode.
Show all sounds made by player.
Disassemble items with charges properly.
Suppress smoke warning when you have a gas mask.
Stims work again.
Menu cleanups all over.
Better in-city detection for roads.
Funnel filling.
Step on visible trap warning.
Vomiting lethality nerfed.
Better ignore monster for now feature.
Massive audit of item values by Rivet.
Prevent input overbuffering when it’s raining.
Eating related bugs.
Hallucination fixes.
Vehicle mounted turrets.
Crafting consuming containers with contents.
Prevents many actions from passing through walls.
Weird handling of cancelled item use.
Gunmods with firing modes.
Stabilized monster coordinates.
Many fixes in defense mode.
Charge rifle charging.

This has happened before, and it’s sad, because I really want to trust you guys, but… so-called ‘Stable’ builds have the worst bugs. Like, oh my god.

You can’t clean broken windows. The most fundamental Construction action in Cataclysm straight up crashes the game to desktop. Good job, everyone.

cant clear windows cause of insta-crash

Confirmed here as well CTD on broken window cleanup, another CTD on trying to board up a window. No idea what file or quote from a file to post but if someone can direct me to the file I will copy whatever I need to.

using the win SDL on windows ultimate 64
and the Tile set put together by HRose

More effort than any previous release?

People have been posting about the CTD on construction for days, and it hasn’t been fixed.

Whoa guys, alot of work went into bringing you this, have some faith i am sure this will be fixed in no time.

Yeah, but its a pretty big bug for a new stable release. I know itll be fixed by tomorrow (hopefully) but. Eh

not too worried about it here as I know it will be fixed soon, Just wanted to shed light on it.

[size=8pt]I just tested this out on the Linux console build with no problems. Everything seems fine so far.[/size]

Most of the developers are Linux developers, sadly this lends to Windows releases lagging a little since bugs tend to crop up in Windows for little reason. Please make, or add comments to, an issue noting what happened and how for any crashes. We will fix them as soon as possible. Sorry for any and all uncaught crashes that crop up >.< Also, I thank everyone for reporting issues as they develop as that is the only way to thoroughly test a game with as large a scope as this.

YES! I was waiting for this, more sleepless nights ahead for me :smiley:

My big thanks to all developers and contributors involved in this, you guys are awesome. :slight_smile:

Poor guy didn’t read the other posts.

For real though, thanks devs. Really looking forward to all the new stuff once the construction crash gets sorted out. Y’all are doing an amazing job.

Till then I’ll be biting people on the guts in Dorf Fort adventure mode.

So psyched to try out the new version. Any idea when the Mac version will get released? Is there a way to run any of the present version through terminal or something? (Sorry, I really don’t know how to do terminal or compile or any technical stuff)

[quote=“conductorbosh, post:5, topic:3997”]More effort than any previous release?

People have been posting about the CTD on construction for days, and it hasn’t been fixed.[/quote]
It was reported on the experimental, and there was no reports from, no confirmation on (and we couldn’t reproduce), and no details associated with the Release Candidate.

The fact that almost every bug filed for the Release candidate was from someone downloading and playing the experimental (and some 0.8) made the whole process quite difficult, and we need to figure out a better way to handle this next time and get people to actually report problems for the actual RC instead of a different version.

For now, we’re trying to launch a hotfix ASAP, but I don’t have any tools for developing on Windows (it’s windows-specific) so we’re trying to get one of our windows developers to weigh in.

When we get a Mac developer who can make sure it compiles correctly. So possibly never, hopefully sooner than that.

Code:Blocks 12.11
OS: windows 7
Build massage log:

[size=8pt]Maybe this will help in correcting problems with the windows build.[/size]

I will do a full tileset for this stable in the next coming days. Hope to have it out by the weekends end.

[quote=“Ratinod, post:15, topic:3997”]Code:Blocks 12.11
OS: windows 7
Build massage log:

[size=8pt]Maybe this will help in correcting problems with the windows build.[/size][/quote]

I think these errors are from the experimental, not 0.9 branch.

M’kay, I found the problem with the release: it was our compiler being a meanie. I told it to back off on the optimizations (went from -O3 to -Os) and the bug completely disappeared. Grab yourselves a fresh build of the release and enjoy all the new stuff.

Sorry for not having the time to verify/test this bug sooner.

Either way, this hotfix solves the problem!

Champions, all of you.