Cataclysm on your mobile phone - Can it be done?

As I’m currently on a road trip and I’m on my phone browsing the fourms, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could play Cata on my phone.

I was wondering if this was possible, and if so what would be the problems/drawbacks that may come with it.

As this is only a guess, I suppose the main problem of porting the game to your phone would be controls and the amount of space a large game would have.
Maybe this could be combated with limited amount of characters and only one map?

What about the updates? Would it be like Cata nowadays where you can update it when you want?

Answers much appreciated.

This thread

A port to android was done; It hasn’t been maintained and kept up to date but it’s the only mobile version of Cata that I’ve seen.

I think your best bet would be to try playing the curses version over SSH. I can’t find the details anymore but look up how people did it with DF.

I to would love an android version :frowning: that is kept up to date with current dev builds.

Would be epic to have it updated every time and available from here

An android entry here would be amazeing :slight_smile: