Cata and Steam

So I tried adding Cata to Steam and while that bit works. Cata really doesn’t like the Steam overlay in game, Does anyone know why this is doesn’t work? Bringing the overlay up takes a long time then Cata hangs for a while ect…

it’s probably how cata uses both those keys and the game could’ve interpreted that as a unrecongniziable key or something like that

I did take that into account so I changed the steam overlay key to right ctrl + UP, Which I’m pretty sure Cata doesn’t use that combo and it still just hanged.

mabye that’s why cata isn’t officallh on steam or something mabye you should ask kevin or something-

Dda isn’t on steam because I don’t see a benefit to trying to integrate with it. Time spent dealing with steam issues is time not spent on the game itself.

Yeah and I hate using Steam for games I don’t have to, unless there are specific achievements etc. BUT even then it’s not worth it most of the time. Like why log into Steam to play an Ubisoft Game or and Origin game. Essentially using 2 DRM’s, which when I was using a laptop which limited resources, could have been a pain and painfully slow. So if CDDA was on Steam I’d have to launch Steam as a launcher to launch the launcher that launches CDDA. That’s all before even considering what Kevin G. just said in what I quoted from previous post.

I guess there would be positives as well, like wider audience and whatnot. Still not a huge bonus though.

Steam’s community isn’t mature enough for a game like Cata anyway. I just spend so much time in cata that I wanted to try and add it to steam so I can use the overlay and screenshots ect. But all good no big deal.

I just use alt + print screen(i have 2 monitors, so alt makes it only capture current window, instead just prntscrn which would capture both screens), then Ctrl+V on, or in MSpaint if you want to add/edit something.

If i just want to save a pic for later I will hit windows key + prntscreen, which saves it in your Pictures folder.

I also can hit Ctrl+Shift+E , though I haven’t used it much, with AMD’s Crimson app, formerly Catalyst Caontrol Center.

Honestly, just hitting alt+prntscreen and then pasting on a imaging host site or into print screen is usually my go to.

Hopefully that helps.