Cdda steam future

You know mabye sometime in in the (near) future somebody should make a official port of cata on steam just sayin because the revival happened 4 years ago or who ever’s reading this could what for a steam port when 0.d comes out and the benefits of a steam port could… massively grow the fanbase or something like that

Actually this is a terrible idea because drm and other steam things…

Or is drm that bad for A FREE GAME!!!

(is arguing with yourself bad?) But having no DRM means somebody could probably copy cataclysm change the name a few things the names of items etc. And charge $ cash is having no DRM worth it? Or does none of this make any sense to you and you think the person writing this is insane if you do please shutdown your viewing device go outside go for a walk and never read this again (I bet this is someehow going to get me banned for stupid reasons and being off topic probably)

Oh yeah and please write a letter to your local congressman to ban indie games

One more thing if somebody reports me for this i will haunt you when i die

  1. No
  2. Stop, you’re being obnoxious.
  3. Get haunting, someone reported you.

I mean I like the idea of Cataclysm on Steam for one reason;


But I highly doubt it’d ever be done, maybe not even possible at all. That said, even if it were possible, what would they do? Upload the latest stable version to Steam? The latest stable version was released two years ago, and lacks a great deal of things that were implemented in to the experimental versions which we all know and love.
They could just put one of the latest experimental versions up there then, but considering a new experimental version is released multiple times daily, the game would never stop needing to be re-downloaded/updated.
Not to mention the obvious fact that the experimental versions like to bitch slap you with a crash at the best of times, throwing Steam in to the mix would just make things worse.

Better to avoid all that and stay snuggled up where we’re all cosy and warm, away from Steam and everyone else, remaining in our own little apocalyptic world. :smiley:

The majority of the work for having achievements is injecting them into the code. It requires either scattering achievement-related code all over the place, or overhauling the code to use something like the Observer Pattern, which would be quite a lot of work, but would be a cleaner way to do it, and enable other features.

The only thing steam brings to the table is displaying those achievements on your steam profile.

To clarify, i wouldnt stop anyone else from adding steam support, but i have 0 interest in working on it myself. Even if I were to add an integration like this, I would target the gog system instead of steam.

Think I have to agree with Umbra. Cataclysm if better not trying to get attention on Steam and similar areas. It’s a happy little niche game with a close knit community. Any attempt to do so would probably result in a fork, alienate the core players/devs and support, or both. Troll is shortsighted and has bad advise. Big surprise there.