Car disappears while driving

2013.1.20 version. Windows.
Continued from a build the day before but there appears to be no savegame compatibility problems. There was some lighting changes in github on 2013.1.19.
Car vanishes under me when travelling east. If I go north for an hour and head east it disappears too, it is like some sort of magic line that I cannot cross.
Have a savegame, drive east pass the slime pool and it happens.
Debug log: C:\cygwin\home\Kyratzes\Cataclysm-DDA\game.cpp[6377]: game::pldrive error: can’t find vehicle! Drive mode is now off.

I have nothing to show, but this happened to me two or three times. Maybe it’s a “residual” from the original version’s car glitch.

Known bug where driving a vehicle across an overmap tile boundary makes it vanish

Feel free to post to the Github Issues tracker. We need to make it easier for people to report bugs.

I don’t see how it gets any easier than posting a forum :stuck_out_tongue: Spamming my inbox with known issues isn’t really an improvement. But yeah, I think Kevin was working towards fix for this.

This same bug keeps creeping in, I think the way overmap boundary conditions is handled is just really fragile. and yea, I’m looking into it.