Vehicle mysteriously vanishing after moving nearby items

First of all, a picture:

Now, what’s happening.
Under “1” is the tile with a heap of kegs, barrels and so on where I store my chemicals.
Under “2” is my autoclave/washer/freezer/forge setup, aka the “vehicle” from the title.
Under “3” is some clear(for now) space, which is going to be filled with “construct workbench” camp order. Or mission, or whatever those are called.
Now, if I try to move things (via AIM) from 1 to any tile of 3 as it is in the picture, nothing bad happens. It all works like it should, i.e. things get dropped to desired tiles.
But if I go to camp noticeboard, say complete the mission, and the workbench is actually spawned in the “3” location, then if I try moving the same thing to the same place(s), i.e. into the workbench tiles, the vehicle just vanishes without a trace. Yes, that vehicle to the right which tiles are neither the source nor destination for items being moved. Oh, and also the heavy-duty cable which connects it to another vehicle on the roof (via stairs to the left) is apparently destroyed.
So, should I post a bug report or is this some known interaction between some really obscure mechanics?(very much doubt so, but who knows).

iirc i saw that that was fixed some builds ago no?, like around build 9976, or maybe is a new bug altogether.

9976 fixed vehicle disappearing while grabbing another vehicle while being inside the first one. I only have one vehicle, and I am moving items from one map tile to another while being outside that vehicle. And this is happening on 9999. So probably a bug, right?