Map errors-0.9-4452-gfbe2131 sdl

It seems in the latest experimental that if you go far enough the map wraps right back around, even through the overland map shows that something different should be there.

When I was travelling west towards a mansion, I got to the mansion, and to my surprise there was a lab that I had partially looted in the east. Continuing on I discovered the map had wrapped around to my starting position, even though I hadn’t travelled far, even though the map showed that I should be knee deep in swampland, not on a road.

I’ve noticed these little glitches here and there… roads that should be forest, according to overland map, and forest that should be roads… etc.

Hopefully others can confirm?

Could you upload a savegame?

Unfortunately, I deleted the save, but if I can reproduce it I will post the save. Might be a rare bug, as the other games seemed fine.

Well, keep moving right or left.

It’ll be a good challenge.