Very interesting shrinking hippie van

My car shrinks to a red hash - the driver’s seat.

This is my car.

Put the cart here.

Grab the cart and move east. Shrink! (Log also says “Can’t find grabbed object.”)

Examine the driver’s seat…

??? ???

Incidentally, it’s also the same car mentioned in the last reply to issue #20039.

Now I need to find a way to upload my that is not via google drive or dropbox.

I would recommend

Thanks! I’ll try that one.

edit: It seems not accessible for me.

I transport the goods to base in a shopping cart.

Then I sit on the seat, and turn on the engine. Then I try to turn it off, but it says “No controls there”. I get stuck on my seat, and cannot move away. Hopefully a passing-by brute will save me.

edit: the car magically un-shrinks! I am free from the seat.

The save is uploaded to github, now.