0.8 2500 g8bf26aa Weird car bug

I know I’m a version or two behind so this might be fixed, but I was out in my armoured car when suddenly I wasn’t in it anymore, but I was floating a number of tiles away and travelling at the same speed as the car. Pressing 5 carried on the movement with no slowing down, but attempting to turn brought up the debug message shown in the pic. As you can see I didn’t have the car HUD and trying to press s to pull the brakes prompted the smash query. I also got a “You’re deafened!” message, but nothing exploded (edit before I even post: I just got the canine ears mutation, the engine must be too loud).

The driver side door is missing but the seatbelt is fine so I don’t think I was thrown from the vehicle. Debug log says map.cpp[240]: map::unboard_vehicle: vehicle not found repeatedly.

Happened to me a few times.

Experienced it again today, it appears to be linked to the heli wreckages/away team spawns. I was driving past a crash site and when I relaunched the game, it kept happening as I was driving past the same bit of map except the crash site was generated differently each time and once it was a science away team, is that how mapgen works? I don’t know about such things. But anyway it didn’t happen every time, but I thought I should mention this because the time it happened in the OP I was next to a crash site too. I hope that made sense I’m a bit tipsy.

Hop in another vehicle. If that doesn’t work remove the seat you were using when you were driving then reinstall it (or if you want just leave it removed)

There is some major weirdness happening at overmap borders.

I’ve played with the 0.9 RC and had the same bug.
My character had bug under his right arm and he was scraping it while driving.
Every step the error appears again, until I was back in the vehicle.
But where the controls were sat a different self. Sorry, I have no pictures now.
I’ll try to reapplicate the errors.

Another bug with vehicles is:
If you grabbing a shopping-car or another similar vehicle, go on the first tile of another vehicle and then back with pushing the shopping-car. The game says, that it can’t find the vehicle, but no problems remain.