Can't pry window with haligan bar?

Hi All,

I’m playing with the latest stable version. Am trying to pry open a library window but when I activate pry with my haliagan bar i get the message ‘there is nothing to pry nearby’ even though i’m standing right next to the window.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong. I haven’t had this problem before?


Is it possible that you try to pry open an unopenable window (like a display window)?

What’s the name & description of the tile whan you look at it with the x key and then hit e?

Hi Valase, thanks for replying. It just says ‘(library) window; impassable’, seems to be a normal window?

Try pressing e when you look at it, it might say “A giant sheet of glass inserted into a window, typically found on the side of shops to showcase goods.” in the description, which means it can’t be opened (not even normally from the inside).

It does say that! I didn’t know you could do that with e, thank you.

Glad I could help :slight_smile: .
To my knowledge, it has to be one of these windows to be able to open it (with or without a prybar):

  • window without curtains
  • window with curtains
  • window with closed curtains
  • open window without curtains
  • open window with curtains

There might be others that work too, but just plain window doesn’t work…
Sadly, none of the libraries has any of the normal windows, so you’ll have to go in through the entrance or make some noise by smashing the window (you could also deconstruct one window from the outside, but this might be riskier than the other ways).

Thanks - i think i’ll have to try creeping around to the door at night and hope the feral predator doesn’t catch my scent - i must have the books!

Grab a few rocks, craft a sling and kill it from afar. Or staff sling for 17 damage. It’s super OP.

Is this some new item?

no its been around

Also, despite being crafted from one long stout branch, “staff” sling is still just 14cm long.

are you actually physically wielding the bar ?