Haligan bar with pry of 4

So, the haligan bar has a pry of 4 - does that help with anything?

  • Shane

If I remember right some gates and doors require a higher pry rating than normal doors or windows

I think it can pry open safes

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It also helps with base chances of prying too.
I guess

Is there a chance that prying a safe with break the item inside?

Prying quality directly determines how likely you are to pry successfully, along with Strength. A makeshift crowbar (with a pry of 2, I think) is less likely to pry successfully compared to a Halligan bar (with a pry of 4.) With windows, it also determines your chance to pry it open instead of shattering it; a low-Strength character with a poor tool will break windows a lot more often than a high-Strength character with a good tool.

I don’t think safes can be pried open, but I haven’t ever tried.

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