IDK how to tear down curtains on 0.C Experimental

I use the Windows tiles/SDL version. After moving to it, I couldn’t use “examine” (keybinded as “e”) to tear town curtains. I tried wielding a makeshift knife to see if the option would pop up, but that didn’t work either. I also accessed the Actions Menu but none of them would cut down the curtain. Activating the makeshift knife would only cauterize (or something) a wound or cut down something that’s currently in my inventory. But I can’t get the curtains into my inventory if I don’t take them down in the first place. Should I just smash them?

"C"lose de windows so the curtains are down, then examine them, a prompt should appear.

I’ve been playing regularly this for… well, a good long time now (since a month-ish before 0.C came out), and I never knew you could tear down curtains… the very few times I couldn’t find any already down from the windows being broken from zombies, I just broke a window myself. Heh, the things one misses…

not that i go around checking, but i don’t think that many buildings typically have curtains, off of the top of the head the evac shelter is the only one i can think of that should always have some, then again, maybe all houses do as well and i just never noticed, they are kinda easy to miss if you don’t look.

Most every window in most every house will, though not mansions.

good to know, i kinda figured that may just be the case.