Can't just shove a rag in a bottle any more. Molotov problems

So, when I go to craft a molotov, I have to dump out a full bottle of liquor for some reason. Then using other liquor, I can refill it to make a molotov. Does this not seem a little backwards to you? I think it’s a bit of a bug.

You only need 2/3rds of a bottle to make a molotov, I generally make a bunch of plastic bottles into a jerrycan and use that to store my extra liquor so I can use all the bottles for molotovs.

“any more”? It’s always been like this.
The problem is that the crafting system doesn’t have a “shove rag in bottle” operation, it has a list of ingredients, and an output. There’s also no way to say to “use the entire container that has certain contents”.
Most likely this is going to stick around until someone decides to totally rewrite the crafting system, it’s a terrifying tangle of code.

Yeah, it was changed to do this since… like… 0.6, maybe? Maybe 0.5. Either way, to account for lots of crafting problems this was added as a PR.

The REAL problem here is a bug I’ve had bite me in the ass recently a few times.

So, I have two bottles of vodka. I empty one into plastic bottles, so now I have one glass bottle of vodka, one glass bottle, and one bunch of vodka. If I make a molotov, it consumes the vodka in the plastic bottles, the empty glass bottle, and the ENTIRE GLASS BOTTLE OF VODKA, leaving me with one molotov and one empty glass bottle.

This has happened to me several times now.

That’s why I prefer the spary can blow torch, that weapon also seems to be really over powered, I can easily take out a shocker zombie by setting him on fire!