Cannot defrost some liquids

I have a bunch of fruit juice in a 3L jar on the floor. It’s winter so it freezes. I try to defrost it with my pot, and it gives me the “You defrost the food” message. However the liquid is still frozen and undrinkable. This has happened with various alcoholic liquids as well, such as cheap wine in a gallon jug. It also happened with clean water in a gallon jug. I suspect this might be related to container size

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Hi, this is all linked to what’s going on in this thread:

Hopefully, someone who knows what’s going on will sort it out, soonish… :smiley:

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Container size definitely seems to be a factor.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the game makes you take longer to defrost larger volumes (sure, great), but then it applies the external cold to your container for that same duration, and the whole thing re-freezes before you can take a sip.

Water currently freezes REALLY FAST in cataclysm. Slowing down the rates of freezing considerably might help a lot. Water itself has an incredibly high thermal conductivity, but the containers we usually store it in - and the air - do not, so significant volumes of water should not freeze in a matter of minutes unless it is insanely cold out, and personal body heat would be enough to counteract most freezing for containers carried/worn near the body.

It would of course be nice to see a new category of liquid storage - insulated canteens/thermoses that greatly slow the rate of background temperature change for their contents, at the cost of a bit of additional bulk.

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So from what my own attempts have shown amount is definitely a factor. Heating up small portions and eating them before they freeze again is much easier since the game seems to think by heating up a large portion I’ve now taken so long that it’s become frozen again. While I was heating it I guess :thinking: