Can't pick up liquids, only the container

I’m playing latest experimentals, this has been going on for three update cycles. Instead of picking up a bottle of any liquid I pick up only an empty bottle and find the dirty puddle of useless liquid at my feet. I don’t know where to begin with trying to fix this, I’m not even sure if it is a result of me not understanding some new game mechanic as I try to relearn the game after a long break with many many changes in between.

Ya, I got the same bug - it’s with frozen liquids only for me, so I used the No Frozen Foods mod to work around it.

It’s a known issue and they’ll get around to it, I’m sure.

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link to the mod for anyone else who needs it; No Freeze Mod Release

Appreciate that.

I have been going through this, too.

Unrelated though, but in real life I have had experiences with “frozen beverages”.

Usually it’s putting a hot beer or cola in the freezer to get it cold quick then going off on some mission doing something, forgetting about it, and coming back and it’s exploded.

I could see cans of stuff exploding if it gets too cold. But, damn, it would have to be bone-chillingly dangerous cold for that to happen.

Looks like the fix has arrived!

Build #11114 - October 19, 2020 at 4:04:22 PM -0700

  • Permit frozen liquids sharing a container
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I wonder what will happen with those liquids when they both thaw. Or only one of them (do we have thaw temps for different liquids implemented, or is it uniform 0 Celsius?).