Removed Mods Stuff

With the mods that have been removed, is that a temp thing or whatever?
Has anything changed with the base game that the mods altered? Simplified Nutrition and Safe Auto-Doc for example. Is nutrition something we have to deal with now and do we need a medical skill to use auto-docs?

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From what I understand the mods being removed are because they no longer have a maintainer and the cost to keeping them updated is higher than the current dev team can spare while trying to add new features and improve the game. Naturally, those mods will not likely make a return unless somebody is willing to dedicate to keeping them updated and functioning.

I believe another issue was that many of the core team don’t use a lot of the mods that are up for removal and so it wouldn’t make sense for them to do updates for those mods because they are not part of the intended audience.

SOME of the mods might still work but you have to remove the obsolete flag from your local copy and keep it with you because it won’t be served with the main game anymore, Erk has an answer in another thread similar to this one

The Issue on GitHub being discussed:

Guidelines and Information on how Mainline mods will be handled going forward:


Furthering your original question, nutrition in game currently causes no detrimental effects besides a warning message anyway, so you’re already playing with simplified nutrition on.

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Ah cool, i’ll leave the Simplified Nutrition off then.
Are there any compatibility issues or whatever if I re-activate Safe Auto-Docs?

No, no compatibility issues, just copy it to your cdda/mods folder and turn of obsolete. It’s unlikely to stop working any time soon, until we get around to revamping autodocs.


You said about an auto-doc revamp, is that updating how they work or an overhaul of the system?

yep, both. No idea when it’ll happen though.

I havent updated in a while, what mods were removed