Blaze Industries: A spiritual successor to blazemod AKA Vehicle Additions

Hey there everyone!

You might’ve seen me around before from previous threads such as Blazemod Modernization and Blazemod save-compatibility break incoming. I eventually went full-ham on the re-work and phased out blazemod in its old implementation. Because it only fully hit after the Nested Containers first implementation, it has probably gone unnoticed for the most part.

So what does this mean for blazemod? Well currently, saves that used blazemod are not directly compatible with the new mod, Blaze Industries. For now I’ve hosted a snapshot or “last working version” that is a mirror of the version hosted by TheGoatgod in Mods Unleashed Compilation | E. V 1.0c | Experimental V 0.06 | [GMC] which has continued legacy support for old blazemod as it existed.

In Blaze Industries first iteration, most of the content from blazemod you might’ve known has been gutted. The current feature list is as follows:

  • Expanded vehicle turret functionality for vanilla guns
  • Expanded steam engine variants based on vanilla
  • Cargo shelving part which has a volume of 1000L
  • Solar arrays remodeled into a 1-part-1-tile foldable vehicle that can be jumper cable’d onto a vehicle to charge its battery storage. The recipe and stats were remodeled to reflect 3 solar panel’s worth.

Blob vehicle parts were moved off-repo to be worked on for a planned re-implementation as a separate mod, as were the sci-fi parts. The blazemod-specific guns were also moved off-repo to be worked on before being re-implemented because they were pretty shocking and modifying them went beyond the scope of simply modernising blazemod (basically a solar array remodel for each gun).

This way, they won’t break anything while I have to change ID’s or anything else, and there was no butting heads with nested containers out of the box. The sci-fi parts and blob parts are available in add-on form in the same manner for those who want them as they were, though they are expected to change at least somewhat drastically when I get around to them. These repos may be found at

Moving on however, the current content is hardly reflective of the plans I have for Blaze Industries. Unlike old blazemod, I want Blaze Industries to be properly integrated into the game, not just an assortment of auto-learnt recipes for overpowered and technologically difficult guns and utilities that can be assembled in a very DIY scrap-heap manner that doesn’t match the level of complexity.

Anywho! I have a project detailing my plans: Blaze Industries Better Implementation 1.0 on github. I would love to hear any feedback people have on the ideas on this roadmap, and suggestions or criticisms etcetera. This extends beyond this roadmap- if there’s something you like or don’t like about what I’ve done, let me know!