Whatever happened to slime cars?

For some reason I can’t seem to find slime cars in crafting anymore. I thought they were part of blazemod but I can’t find a way to install them anymore.

First, happy anniversary, Bio.

As for your question (I’ve moved this over to The Bunker, as it doesn’t really fit into The Garage - even though it’s about vehicles):
I have no idea what a slime car is… Do you mean vehicle parts made from slime?

If so, the mod required might be the “Extended Vehicle Parts” mod:

After thinking about it a bit I came to the conclusion that you’re probably thought about blobs, not slimes…

Have a look at the Readme.txt file in the Blaze Industry mod folder, it answers your question to the full extent.
In short, support for Blaze mod was dropped (last version of it can be found on Soup-de-Loop’s GitHub). However, you can get the Blob vehicle parts for the current game version and designed to work with Blaze Industries over on Soup-de-Loop’s Github as well.

Soup-de-Loop had some sort of intentions to bring the blob vehicles back into blaze industries, but unfortunately real life ate them before they could do so.

We’d probably support a new mod that was just blob vehicles, if someone made something of a commitment to supporting the mod. They’ve been neglected since Blaze left the project and I never made any pretense of understanding them or maintaining them when I was haphazardly supporting Blazemod before soup took it over.

it seems like something in the corpse pits doesn’t play nice with the current launcher version. Did anything change in the past year with how corpse pits work? I’m gonna try digging around in the code to see if I can get it to work, but I’d need to know what i’m looking for.
Otherwise I might just snip this part out since the corpse pits are optional to make blob feed, and you can work around it just by manual crafting some from bone, if memory serves me correctly

Edit: I didn’t a few snippies and did a “butcher” job it down to cut it down to a workable version, and remove the problematic bits that allows it to get past the main menu loading without crashing. I’ll try uploading a copy when I figure out to how use github.
It’s a bit rough and there were a few errors in loading, but nothing that can’t be ignore so far.

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