Bipods (or maybe plastoon moving)

how can I learn in a game that bipods are used at the moment that bipods not just hang down dangling under a barrel of my firearms?
is there indicator which inform about it?

and whether it is possible to move on all fours in a plastoon way?

As far as I understand bipeds work the same way as mounted weapons like the m2. If I remember correctly if the terrain allows you to use those weapons they allow you to use a bipod and I think it’s automatic.

DeWolf is correct, bipods will apply their bonus anytime the player is standing on “mountable” terrain. If memory serves that includes tables, fences, vehicles, windows and most other furniture. Possibly rubble.

Well there’s this in progress

Not too far from crouching to prone :slight_smile:

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well… then - i think - my bipods not works all the time when i think what i have the bipods :frowning:

hey who knows a unipode - it is a thing which have musketeers.
I mean the musket bipod which is worn separately and looks like a stick with horns on one end and which is probably more correct to call a unipod - since it only has one "leg"
at one time the musketeer had such a stand as equipment.
I suggest entering into the game a “wearable bipod” or “detachable bipod” which, by the way, can be a shock weapon. “stick-stand” is how it can be called.
no, I’m not suggesting removing the real undivided bipod from the game - let them be. they will work fine when they are able to work. and in other cases I propose to use a “stick-stand”

The problem is that the bipod doesn’t make you more accurate or quicker to aim, it just reduces recoil. Try using a machine gun with and without it while standing on a vehicle, it should make quite a difference. It probably SHOULD make you more accurate, but weapon sway isn’t really modelled ingame.

A unipode/stick-stand might be kind of cool, but probably too unwieldy for most fighting since it would take such a long time to set up, plus you have to carry it around. Most modern guns are probably balanced/light enough that it wouldn’t make too much difference anyway. Also, it would be fairly impossible to stab one into concrete sidewalks or asphalt roads.

your foot is a good grip. stand stick over your foot.
let now take your mop in your toilet and… maybe you catch some pain if your shoes is too soft but boots is usually more hard then soft and placint end of stick is noit give you more pain.
you [let it be the] left leg is be temporary hardly encumbered [and sometimes maybe unmovable] because of encumberment by the mass of stick-stand plus mass of firearm.
but thus is not do you unmovable at all - if you strength is to big - you [maybe slowly] may move. do the tactical maneuver.

shematic picture i draw.

That’s a lot of effort for very little advantage, considering the stand is only your foot’s length away from where you’re holding it.

Actually it isn’t easy to keep a long stick straight even on the ground and alot more difficult while using your shoe instead of the ground.

who knows. thouse who is use slow motion tactics which good for long corridores like national guard underground level or in the valut-city or maybe in the subway or sewers, where we not need run but stay and shoot wave of monsters.
and stand-stick over the foot is a particular case [exactly for sweep grounds where stand-stick cannot be good standed]

A deployable tripod MIGHT be useful but a single stick is going to be fairly useless in most cases I think.

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practicise, camerade, cracticise…
and Steadicam - there is this good thing. this is work as bipod.
yes - practicise need and is for Steadicam.
but without practicise we cannot shoot

well - good think :slight_smile:

I mean, placing your rifle on long stick (which stands on your shoe) is hurting your aim rather than improving (yes, i tried). Which means i’ll rather practice in ordinary shoting than in this circus tricks.
Simple math: i’ll rather support my gun with two legs than with one stick. Stick is going to twist and tilt unless it’s buried down.
PS: steadicam is an option, btw.

A Steadicam is fairly massive and wouldn’t let you use the gun’s sight. Plus, recoil would knock it all over the place. Practically speaking it MIGHT be useful for the first shot if you hooked a camera up to it or something but from there it would be all over the place.

Making a larger version mounted to power armor might work however, especially if the gun camera linked to the helmets view. It would need to be a fair bit different in design, but some mechanical stabilisation is certainly a possibility. For now, we have the gyroscopic stabiliser gunmod which is probably the most practical thing you’ll get without making something massive.

Also, practicing with a weird stick stand is still probably going to be worse than just planting your own two feet. Those were made for when guns were 25 pounds and two metres long. Most modern guns aren’t more than half that.

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ok. we cannot use stick over the foot. ok. let stand-stick cannot be usable this way (but we can install touristic floor-mate which is not sweeps because contain micropore resine - and over his use stand-stick over any ground)

also… musketeers - how about them? :slight_smile:

So… stick the stand onto the ground with glue basically? It’s not a terrible idea, it might be okay for a longterm defensive position so you can just put a few around your base, maybe by windows, and fire out when something comes nearby. That’s basically what a bipod is for though, and a bipod is mobile as well.

The easiest way I see this being practical is some kind of mobile robot with wheels and an extendable brace to hold your gun for you. At that point you may as well just build a robot and let it do the shooting for you.

Musketeers are fine, but just a matter of roleplay.

robot bobot tobot… ahem… listen, you say me the good idea. i have the shopping cart.
so from here - can the bipods be used with the shopping cart?

i mean scheme like this
@# where @ - i and # is the sopping cart and my sector of shooting is on the other side of shopcart
i mean if i on the 4 cart on the 5 then my fire-sector include 3 sub-sectors which is after quadrants 3 6 9

If the recent discussion is true, shopping carts are no longer mountable, in which case no. However, if you stand on any part of a vehicle it will count and use the bipod.

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but what IS the shopping cart?
light frame? but we can use the hard frame. light cargo box?
what exactly?

well i go try…
will report :slight_smile:

i used steel frame - nothing happens.