Suggestion: Standing, crouching, and prone?

Having the options of standing, crouching, or laying prone could provide some strategic advantages.

I am thinking mostly in regards to making it more difficult to be seen. For example if I want to go between two houses and I know there are Zs close by and wandering around, I could go prone and then crawl.

Movement speed while crouching and prone would be reduced appropriately. But at least I’m not just walking around upright like a dork :slight_smile:

Also crouching or laying prone behind a bush could make it even more difficult to be seen and allow one to possible loose a pursuer that relies more on sight than scent.

I do not know the best way to indicate this in the interface. Some ideas I have are:

  • Display words: Standing, Crouching, Prone.
  • Display letters: S, C, P.
  • Display a symbol: |, /, _.
  • Change the color of the @.


This will provide more strategic approaches to movement, crouching and sneak between house is a grreat example for that. And while we are at the movement modes suggestion, how about the fourth mode: sprint? Sprint is like the opposite of crouching and prone, the character will move considerably faster but louder and easier to see from afar, also stamina isn’t limitless and will soon depleted if you keep running.
Sprinting could be useful to quickly retreat to cover from acid rain or hasty escape from zombies.


Isn’t a stealth overhaul already planned as a long term goal?
This would probably be a part of that.

Having rifle bipod mod only work while prone, but giving a big bonus would be fun.

It’d be nice if it worked over windows, tables, and such. I can just imagine clearing out a house, opening up the window from the bathroom, activating my bipod onto the window, and sniping the zombie brute.

Having different stances would be very cool, and it’d be ever better if stances can also be used by certain npc’s such as those crawler zombies, making them quieter when moving, etc.

Have different views of things.

When prone, can’t see over bushes and such. When crouched, can barely see over bushes. When standing normal vision.

This would probably work better once we get a more fleshed out stealth system.

personally i’d prefer they prioritize finishing NPCs over stealth so i can roll with a gang and not have to bother with stealth :smiley: