Bipods (or maybe plastoon moving)

Did you mean buffalo sticks(also just called shooting sticks I just found out)? I didn’t realize that they used them while prone as well(I also just found out through google image search), I’ve only use the taller version where you stand up and shoot. In real life I usually just find a stick with a fork on one end(like a stick you’d catch a snake with) when I’m out small game hunting with my .22. Even better if it has a notch or knot towards the bottom I can rest my gun on while crouching too. I only use them when trying to stalk animals. If I am stationary I set up next to a tree I can rest my rifle on.
Are there buffalo sticks in the game, or are they too similar to attachable bipods? That crouch walking PR looks really cool too!

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heh. i don’t knew his name. in wikipedia there’s no other article.
well buffalo stick? ok. thanks for right name.
interesting - is the BS useable with pistols?

Oh I was talking about in real life, sorry if I confused you. I think they are called that because you would use them to hunt in fields like when they used to hunt for buffalo. I do not believe they have them in game though, the bi-pod attachment would be the closest thing.

I think I misread your comment above, thought you were asking what they were called when they used to use them with muskets.

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