Bionics Package

New professions:

Commercial Cyborg
Bionic Soldier
Bionic Assassin
Bionic Monster

New bionics:

~new CBM units~
CBM: Monomolecular Blade
CBM: Adrenaline Pump
CBM: Internal Chronometer
CBM: Leukocyte Breeder System
CBM: Synaptic Accelerator
CBM: Dielectric Capacitance System

~new failed installs~
Bionic Nostril
Self-Locking Thumbs
Squeaky Ankles
Visual Disruptor
Motor Control Overstimulator
Bionic Short Circuit
Leaky Bionic
Endocrine Enervator
Bionic Deformity
Voice Remodulator
Bionic Visual Impairment
Itchy Metal Thing

And lots of minor bugfixes and etc.


Rivet, did I tell you this?


Loving the Bionic Assassin and many new failed bionics so far :>

I second this, these are awesome. One question, is it possible to add the alarm clock functionality to the chronometer CBM?

Easily, but I decided not to so as to avoid making watches completely obsolete for cyborg characters.

It should be, not chronometer, but ability. What was the name ability, when a character just knew the exact figures?

Can we have a Quick/Fleet-Footed bionic analog?

Check out the CBM: Synaptic Accelerator.

It’s the same as the Quick trait and they can stack.

Can you maybe make a bionic that protects you from electricy? because its quite annoying to have my favourite bionics (railgun and chain lightning) hurt me from the crackles, it can work like the artifact protection.

I’ll add it to the idea list.

Might be a little while before I revisit bionics, though.

Nice, especially that there are more malfunctions. Gotta collect them all!

Had a few minutes to spare today, so I took another look at this one.

Check out the ‘Dielectric Capacitance System’ mod; it’s what you’re wanting.

Does this include an ability to remove failed bionics without having to burn another bionics package and hope you remove one of the failed bionics and not just the sucessfully installed ones?

Not yet, but I’ve got that on my list of future plans.

Slams down hand on table

Rivit. You’re amazing.

Dances vigorously

Is this going into mainline?

It’s already in.

Download the latest experimental to try it.

Yay for it now being a part of the game! boo for chain lightning being nerfed to almost useless for me…

Would someone be so kind and describe new additions, in a few words? Sorry for being too lazy to collect and try them myself.

This looks great, can’t wait.

Razorgirl/boy - Bionic mercenary. All passive bionics which require no power. For those of you who want to play as Molly Millions.

Commercial Cyborg - You’re the iPerson. A cyborg with all the latest and most trendy bionics pre-installed. Very handy augmentations, but no combat ones.

Bionic Soldier - Cyborg super-soldier. You get some nice soldier gear including a sweet rifle, and your bionics make you tougher, more accurate, and resistant to environmental dangers.

Bionic Assassin - Exactly what it sounds like. You look like a normal person, but you come pre-equipped with a cool bionic weapon and a few other bionics to support the role.

Cyberjunkie - Addicted to bionics, you ruined your body with failed installs before the game begins. Zero point even though it comes with a few good bionics and some skills to support installing more, your malfunctions leave you shaky, confused, and scratching yourself all the time. Just like a real junkie!

Bionic Monster - Exactly what it sounds like. You’ve got some slick bionics that make you into a tough-as-nails survivor-beast, but it’s balanced out to zero points by the fact that you’re hideously disfigured and terrifying. Works really well with the cannibal and psycho traits.

CBM: Monomolecular Blade - Works like the claws bionic. Spend power, blade comes out and you can’t unequip it until you spend the power cost again to put it away. Can’t be disarmed, and allows you to block attacks with it. Quite deadly.

CBM: Adrenaline Pump - Adrenaline on demand, at the cost of a little bionic energy.

CBM: Internal Chronometer - An internal watch that needs no energy. No alarm function, just tells you the time. Passive bionic.

CBM: Leukocyte Breeder System - Spend bionic power, be healthier. On demand.

CBM: Synaptic Accelerator - Same as the quick trait, this gives a 10% speed boost. Stacks with quick trait. Passive bionic.

CBM: Dielectric Capacitance System - While active, this protects you from electric shock, so long as it’s not a penetrating attack; i.e. shocker zaps but not shocking melee strikes.

I’ll leave the rest for y’all to figure out on your own.