Battle Maid Redux, attempted translation + minor tweaks

Battle Maid Redux

This is an attempted translation of the Battle Maid mod for C:DDA with some minor nerfs to the martial arts. This uses the same IDs as the original mod, so DO NOT use this mod at the same time with the original.

My Japanese isn’t exactly the greatest, so I got creative with some of the descriptions and flexed my 200 billion creative IQ muscle on a couple others and wrote my own thing, while still staying true to the mod.


4 professions
A new martial art
Some weapons and armor
Some new items
Maid point system used to power up gear from this mod
Maid pets
Probably something else that I've forgotten. I spent over nine hours translating and porting this and didn't take a single break, go easy on me.


-Original Battle Maid mod can be downloaded from This mod is a translation of this, I take no credit for the original.

-ChestHole, for inspiring me to do this thanks to his… attempt at porting the mod into English. (sorry)

Let me know if there are issues with it.


Pretty cool! What does the martial art do, and what do the maid pets do? Morale bonuses, combat, help in crafting, or something else?

The martial art relies heavily on dodging and counterattacks. Every weapon added by this mod, excluding the throwing knives, can use it. I also added a few items from the base game that can be used with the martial art, but consider them more of a joke addition.

The maid pets (Shoggoth maid and little maid) are companions. They will spout off a bunch of different messages and keep you company and can also fight alongside you. You can also store them in pet carriers.

Sounds pretty awesome! I cant wait to try it!

Question: How to use the aphrodisiac in this mod?

Also, milkable maids seem like objects with no way to interact with them. Weird mod lol

Honestly? I don’t remember how the mod works. I haven’t played C:DDA in months… Sorry!

In other news, the mod has been updated. Regularitee over at Github fixed a bunch of mistakes I made that he pushed over two weeks ago and I just now noticed it… Sorry, again!

Futanari/Hermaphrodite and impregnating tentacles…


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We all love hentai :c

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I replaced most, if not all, the machine translation with a more “proper” human translation, for the few still interested in it. Link is here

I also suggest looking at the far larger, far more detailed mod KawaiiMaidMod, which contains a lot of custom sprites (included in SomeDeadGuy’s graphics pack), a delivery store, and transforming weapons.


Hi im using CDDA sound pack posted here - CDDA-Soundpack -. How to edit/merged the kawaiisound json to make it compatible? TIA

The author of the mod created the soundpack add-on for Chesthole, not CDDA, so I couldn’t say for sure. I would guess that if they were installed for CDDA-soundpack the same as Chesthole, they might work? Maybe.

Ok ill try if i can just change dem lines. :star_struck:

Edit: somehow i think catasounds has some missing sounds before. Idk if the is updated now. Well imma check it again

Mod does not seem to work anymore. Could you please fix it? Here is the debug messege when I try to make a new character.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Battle-Maid-Redux-master//martialarts.json: line 6:180: missing mandatory member “initiate”

“name” : “Servant’s fighting technique”,
“description” : “A secret assassination technique taught to first-class servants. It gives you an elegant appearance, allowing you to dodge and counterattack with style.”,
“arm_block” : 99,
“leg_block” : 99,
“static_buffs” : [

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 708

Wow, talk about a nercro! 8 months old since the last post. Heh.

Okay, here’s the deal. The Powers That Be in CDDA development opted to stop supporting lua in CDDA. Which means mods which rely on lua support have broken. Including this one.

So you have three options:

  1. Roll back to a version before CDDA’s lua support was removed
  2. Remove lua-dependent elements from the mod.
  3. Try out the lua-reviving mod created by lispcoc

Removing the lua elements largely reduces this to just a clothing and equipment mod, unfortunately.

Actually, battle maid mod doesn’t use LUA, and this is a simple fix. Add this below the description line of any martial art that spits errors on world load:

“initiate”: [ “You steady yourself, prepared for the fights ahead.”, “%s prepares for the fights ahead.” ],

Crap, you may be right. I was accidentally looking at the other maid mod’s code (KawaiiMaid, not Battle Maid), which apparently did break with the lua discontinuation.

Chaosvolt took the initiative to clean up the broken sections of code so the most recent version should work.