Some questions from a player of 0.D

A novice of CDDA, always been playing 0.D, yesterday tried experimental… Some points of confusion here:

  1. How do I do “prevent zombie revivification” and “No Filthy Gear”? because these two mods disappeared in experimental. Do I need to install them manually?

  2. I noticed the power of martial arts is significantly nerfed. Oops. Wondering for what reason Black Belt with 8 melee + 8 unarmed combat + 16 str + martial arts training only gets 15-30 damages per hit.

Thanks for clarification!

They are no longer maintained but still around. You’ll find a solution in this post:

…or explained in a video.

You’re probably want to change the “obsolete” line in the files of these two folders in your mods folder:

  • No_Filthy_Clothes
  • No_Reviving

The log just states Overhaul and rebalance of martial arts.… I don’t have any information on why exactly, other than “it was overpowered”.

I am definitely not finding martial arts weak, definitely not as overpowered as it was, but I’m rolling around with ninjutsu and it’s still quite good. Also karate is not bad at all, and tae kwon do is still a great choice.