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So I was looking for soundpacks for CDDA and sadly there only seems to be four of them, the original outdated one by Vulkan, ChestHole’s, C-Soundpack and RRFSound. Most of them are similar, but with some minor variations (music being the main difference). I liked ChestHole’s standard soundpack the most, though it had some annoyances that made me create my own version of it.

This soundpack is based on ChestHole’s soundpack mixed with some RRFSounds, but with some new sounds, some replacements and cleanups to remove crackling, popping and poor looping. The music with rain embedded into them were replaced with new songs as well. This should fix the “it’s raining while it’s not raining bug”. I’ve also added gunfire sounds to all vanilla firearms (as of May 2018). I’ve added a bunch of new songs that match the overall tone of the songs included in the standard ChestHole’s soundpack (which originate from Vulkan’s soundpack).

If CDDA receives proper support for adding sounds for every single action that creates sound, I will probably update this to cover everything.

Get it here: Download v1.3
Link to GitHub page: https://github.com/budg3/CDDA-Soundpack

NOTE: Some of the new songs may cause copyright strikes for YouTube videos, so keep that in mind!


New update that adds hundreds of missing smash sounds for terrain/furniture and distant gun sounds. Some new sounds were added and some were replaced as well.
Get it here: Download v1.1


Don’t forget to provide link to your soundpack to CDDA Game Launcher repository (https://github.com/remyroy/CDDA-Game-Launcher/issues).


Cool, man. Are the new songs and sounds CC by SA at least (like CC0, or pre-1927 would be fine too.)?

I am trying to make a soundset that is all at least CC by S.A. to put in the game. So it can just have sounds, No install needed.

I’ll definitely steal the new pointing in soundset.json. Thanks.

I’m afraid the music is probably not, but for the sounds I’m not sure. Most of them are from various different games, but I don’t know if the sounds they use are public domain or not.

Feel free to use the soundset.json as a base though.

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I just got a Youtube Copyright Claim on a Cataclysm live-stream episode that used this soundpack. The copyright holder blocked the video entirely so you might want to communicate the copyright status clearly in the soundpack info/notes. I am testing Youtube’s song removal feature to see if it clears things up. Thankfully, i only used the soundpack on a few episodes and so far this is the only one that got flagged.

edit> The song removal tool took a few hours to process but did remove the music successfully which resolved the claim issue.


Merged a mod from the JP community that adds support for a bunch of mods, fixed some bugs in it and added support for distant gunfire sounds. Get the update here: Download v1.2

Supported mods:

  • Artyoms’ Gun Emporium
  • Bionics Systems Mod
  • Vehicle Additions Pack
  • Icecoon’s Arsenal
  • DeadLeaves’ Fictional Guns
  • Modern Weapon Pack Expanded
  • Cataclysm ++
  • PKs Rebalancing
  • Extended Realistic Guns
  • vorpal weapons

Added support to the Tanks and Other Vehicles mod.
Get the update here: Download v1.3

The female hurt and death sounds are pretty cringy and make my housemate wonder what the fuck she just heard, I’ve reverted them to chesthole’s on my local copy and I’d recommend you do the same.

TL;DR; your female character sounds for hurt and death sound too much like they’re from porn lmao, change em back to chesthole’s


Frankly I prefer my death and hurt sounds in video games to eerily sound like an adult film. :sunglasses:

They’re all from Jagged Alliance 2 though, I can include the ones from ChestHole + an alternate soundset.json the next time I update.

I’m probably asking a stupid question in a wrong thread, but… I don’t have sounds in CDDA at all, except for the menu beeps. I haven’t dug into this, since I don’t really mind, but still…

The default soundpack only has the menu beeps.

WildFire? In any event, are the sounds mixed or all from jag2?

edit- PS= thanks for doing a sound pack. I have not updated in months and noticed the new experimental didn’t work with chets sound pack

Regular JA2. Only the death/hurt sounds are from JA2 and this applies to all soundpacks as far as I know. This one uses different death/hurt sounds than the other soundpacks though, but they are still from JA2.

Since you are live…I like the mods listed for sound so it is nice to have this pack even though I haven’t tested it out. Are all actions given sound to date?

One of my fav is breaking glass windows etc. But I use earbuds and the one for alarm systems REALLY coould be turn lower. From chests that is. If your is the same or as loud, mind tempering it a bit? Just pre-emptively asking because I cannot always get internet access. Thanks all the same =)

I’ve covered all the actions that are supported by soundpacks thus far in CDDA. I spent a bunch of time adding smash sounds to all the furniture/terrains, but I might’ve missed something since there’s hundreds of entries of those. If you notice any missing sound when you smash certain terrain/furniture, feel free to report them.

I don’t think I lowered the alarm sound, but I will probably do it for the next time I update. If you want to change it yourself in the meantime open soundset.json with a text editor and search for "env/other/security_alarm.ogg" and change the volume of that entry from 90 to something lower like 30-50 perhaps.

Hope you’ll enjoy the soundpack!

thanks for the info. I won’t touch it just incase I bork it. But no biggie. Atleast I know to take out the buds first lol

It’s a quick change, so here you go. This lowers the volume of the alarm sound from 90 to 40. Just replace the original soundset.json with this one: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Di-CbXM9tTiS9psA5bPq0iY4hjivVcH

cool, thanks =)

any chance you will update tthis with the whole pack?

Yeah, I’ll add it the next time I update.