Base camp upgrades overrides previous constructions and removing loot on the ground

I was trying out the base camp upgrades for the first time, then I realized a couple of problems:

  1. The game does not tell me where the upgrades are going to be constructed. Sometimes it’s fine, other times it overrides some of the constructions that I had previously made myself. My precious rock forge disappeared, and in its stead, a workbench appeared. So much for an “upgrade”.

  2. The farm shed construction seems to be bugged. After completing the surveying for the farm, I get an option to start a shed, and also another option to upgrade the shed. Thing is, I finished the “upgrade” before I finished the first step of the shed. What happened was that the “upgraded” part was removed, and now I’m left with an un-upgraded shed and cannot upgrade it. :sob:

See the figure below:

The places marked with red had walls and a door, but now they are gone.

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Furthermore, new constructions not only override previous constructions, they also remove loot that is left on the ground. One of the stone walls of the bedroom had some loot left in its place, and the loot was gone after the construction was complete.

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My base camp is a few overmap squares away from my own base. It is a factory run by my NPCs.

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Sounds like a decent enough work-around, but does not address the underlying point that your “own base” and your “faction base” should be able function as a singular non-conflicting entity.

Good advice for the time being, until these issues are solved.