Being able to upgrade the camp yourself

Hello, i’m very new to faction camps but i always try to make one when i can, thing is, the only thing keeping me off the camps is the fact that only NPC’s can upgrade them, and since i always forget/ am uninterested in upgrading their skills, i cant “officially” upgrade my camp even though i could make the upgrades by myself, is there anyway to “turn out” camp upgrades by yourself??? (btw im only talking about the first upgrade of the evac shelter camp, i always want a wood stove but since its too hard for most NPC’s i just make it myself)

EDIT: moved this to garage because i realized it fit more there

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There’s a different thread that talks about just the faction camps and one of the higher-ups said they were fixing it at some point

But I totally agreed with you and the fact you can’t control where stuff is deployed also ground my gears when I saw the FC system.

thanks!! i didnt know the dev team already talked about it

No problem, I already told them that the system is pretty Jank as it is currently and one could simply make a faction camp with one map tile by themselves instead of the AI taking up like several. Not to mention there is zero control where things are placed. I recommended things be connected to zoning or the AI just using facilities already constructed. But that’s my opinion