A few questions on camps

So one can actually control where things get placed. And how well do they interact with player built buildings? Can I build a warehouse and use it to store things without it getting in the way of any new buildings?

Long answer:

When claiming a campsite you pick an area on the overmap with 3x3 fields and place the center of camp in… well in the center I apologize as that sounds weird. Following that everything you wish to build should be done through the message board at the campsite as It decides where to place items after you decide which of the 8 remaining overmap tiles (Surrounding the center one I mentioned) the facility is to be built in. I only make this clear to you because the game gives absolutely ZERO fucks about what you build and will overwrite it as it pleases because when you first arrived at the site you chose for your campsite, you had to pick a 3x3 area with NOTHING on it and from what I understand when you build a farm on one of those 8 tiles it will look the same as a farm you decide to designate on the overmap tile beside it, (At least from what I remember, last faction camp I made was a bit ago). What I’m trying to say is that these buildings are static and when placed will overwrite anything that you have created on a tile it’s going to use for something else. That being said, if you’re willing to build up that tile, for example lets say I was making one of said tiles a mechanics garage right? well once I’ve done all the required upgrades for that building AFTER that if I don’t like the materials that the walls and floor are made of than if I have the materials and skills there’s nothing stopping me from switching them to something else or expanding the garage itself (Something I commonly do as the puny-ass faction camp garage can’t even fit my usual death mobile and for RP sake I like to park it in a garage when I’m not using it)

Short Answer:

Don’t even try it until you’re done with the faction camp upgrades on that tile as I believe it’ll just say balls to you and your work and replace it with it’s own (usually inferior) design.

Just took a minute to read that and it sounds okay but if I sound like I’m rambling I apologize and will attempt to respond in a more succinct manner in the future

ah thanks guess i will wait till camp are better. and you know actully work as a base since the tent you start with is kind of shit.

From what I understand camps aren’t on the short list of things to change so if you want to try it out I’d definitely recommend making a camp. Also take the time and fully upgrade the main camp building, by the end it’ll have walls around it and a center building that is an actual building, personally I just take the tents down and use all the space for storage. Also as another little bit of advice, spend some time figuring out how the camp food system works, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve built up a good stock of food for myself and accidentally put it where it got sorted on me and given to the camp as “Calories” for tasks. Cause yeah… you’re not getting that food back…

Camps are undergoing continuous improvement under the hood and have been for the last 9 months. The next big improvement is going to be multiple upgrade paths for the existing primitive basecamp, so you can build things in any order and generally make the camp more useful.


wait like a “you can make this upgrade or this upgrade” or more like you can pick from a bunch of different upgrades that you kind pick from at any time

When I get this working, you’ll have to build the first tent across 4 missions. After that, you’ll have the freedom to build the rest of the camp in just about any order: build more tents if you want to expand, build the radio tower if you want to recruit, build the central building if you want to craft, whatever. A couple of upgrades are going to be locked behind other upgrades so you can’t build the south half of the central building before the north half, but you’ll have a lot more freedom in how you build your camp.

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personaly I would use a blueprint system. It would let the player pick where to place the new building/ replace a preexisting structure (think replacing a palisade wall with a stronger metal wall). with upgrades like added a new piece of equipment being done by the player then sending a npc to do said building. and after the player finishes the upgrade in the billboard said blueprints are replaced by the finished structure. I thought of the option to prevent building falling apart while being built. with the Time needed for the upgrade based on the skills of the NPC used and the base it take to build said item.like a wooden wall takes a hour and 40 min to finishe but if you have twice the npcs it halfs the time with maybe a 5% time cut the higher the highest skill level is (one level is 5% two is 10% 3,!5 and so on)

Great. Please submit the PRs for the blueprint code and I’ll get back to writing vehicle code.

ummm I can’t program It was just a how I would if i could. I am very sorry if it sound like I knew better I didn’t mean it like that. I just find the way they place stuff know to be well. to random for any form of control