Field base camp adjustments

I’ve almost upgraded a field base camp as far as it will go in 0.E2 stable, and while I like the concept a lot, there are a number of things I’m unhappy with and would like to change However, my knowledge of the structures involved is based on what I think I can figure out from looking at them, and my understanding of what others would think is just guesswork.


  • The description indicates you should be able to construct 8 expansions of 7 types, but the survey mission stop after the 6th one, so only 6 can actually be used.
  • The garage can only be built from logs, and as far as I can understand its construction in still a remnant from the primitive camp.
  • The Main design is silly, because:
    • The doors lead out to small patches hemmed in by pits, so you have to enter/exit through windows.
    • The windows are not reinforced and don’t even have curtains, so what’s the point of protecting the sturdier doors with trenches?
    • A lot of space is simply wasted as small useless areas at the sides, top, and bottom.
  • I don’t really like that surveying expansions are tied to the number of beds built, as there are perfectly valid reasons for why you may be more interested in the expansions than the Main (such as having found a luxury RV that makes a perfectly good base while you’re racing against time to get agriculture going (not my case: I’ve got the RV, and haven’t actually moved out of it yet, but farming is done at the adjacent farm for the first year).
  • I’d make the Main building sit exactly on the tile edge and form an H shape with 2 room on each part of the legs (i.e. 8 rooms with two beds each). The central facilities would be placed in the horizontal part, with the layout leaving two reasonably sized areas to the north and south, with optional walls closing off the building. The courtyards formed would have options to deck them over or use for planters, as well as leaving them to be used according to the player’s wishes (e.g. parking/building vehicles, temporarily or permanently. The outer walls would have no windows, only doors (ideally door that can be barred from the inside [not to be confused with bricking them up], but such doors don’t exist in the game, nor do locks). Windows would instead face the courtyards, so any aggressors would have to go through the doors if the optional walls protecting the courtyards are build.

Canteen: The most useful expansion, in my opinion. However:

  • It’s very wasteful in terms of space.
  • The cheese is a useless cooking recipe that’s only useful if you want to move calories from the base camp store to become available to the PC, as about the same number of calories is used up during the lengthy process as the ones contained in the tiny morsels of cheese.
  • Smoking and drying takes little of the players time, but takes forever with companions.
  • Cornmeal and flour takes a lot of time, using the quern recipe. I’d take a sort of cue from the workshop and add a windmill expansion to the canteen (and the PC would take care of the milling).
  • The lard recipe ought to be replaced by tallow, because you get a better yield from your fat, and the birds don’t seem to provide any fat at all when butchered.
  • The salt recipe is a chemical one, rather than a more sensible one based on salt water.
  • I’d move the brewery from the saltworks expansion and remove that expansion, as it makes little sense to somehow be able to build a swamp that provides unlimited salt water and no functionality (not even to produce salt…).

Livestock area:

  • Again, a lot of space is wasted.
  • The area doesn’t provide any functionality, but it’s actually useful for hosting animals, which is good.
  • I’d like to see orders for the area, such as milking, egg collection (can be done via zones), and slaughter (slaughter animal type X, number Y) resulting in unharmed corpses. However, I don’t know how to implement that (and the milking would need to be tied to other infrastructure, such as butter [isn’t in the game?], cream, cheese, and milk powder making, or, at the simplest, just dump the milk calories into the camp calorie pool).

Saltpan: Remove this expansion and move the only useful part (brewery) to the kitchen.

  • If possible, the moved brewery ought to get brewing recipes for the companions.

Fabrication Workshop:

  • Wasteful in terms of space. It would be somewhat logical to add ore processing to it, although I don’t know if you can do that without electricity.
  • A fair number of recipes, some of which might actually be useful.
  • The Drop Hammer is a great boon for the supported recipes, but I don’t know how it’s powered. I’d probably want a wind mill (or I misunderstand what a drop hammer does, which is entirely possible), but I don’t think there’s any game support for that.
  • The recipe I’ve found missing so far is the hard to find Hunting Knife, as it’s the the tool with the best butchery value (somewhat odd that the professional tools are worse, but if you consider them to be aimed at actual butchery rather than skinning it might make some sense if looked at sideways and squinting).

Storage:No functionality and a lot of wasted space.

  • Problematic, as the 60 tile zone sorting distance means only half of the tile is guaranteed to reach the rest of the camp, shrinking to a quarter for a corner location.
  • Bookcases are surprisingly good at storing stuff, but I don’t like the lockers, as those require you to go fetch 8 locks from dismantling lockers elsewhere, and still somehow only give you 6 lockers (I suspect someone removed the lockers in the corners, but not their material).
  • The player should probably be given options for what type of storage to build.
  • There should probably be a strong recommendation to build this expansion only at one of the sides plots, not the corner, and place any Garage and Workshop areas at the adjacent corners to ensure those are in range.

The only things the current trenches provide are building material and hampered player movement, so I’d move those to be two subtiles outside the base camp area. That would allow for a one tile space to walk along the trenches->palisades, while still allowing for the expansion tiles to be utilized fully. It should be made very clear that those defenses don’t actually work (because of the reality bubble effects), and thus are available to provide building materials and make the camp look fortified. The area should provide a number of 8 tile wide sections that should allow for the building of either a trench->palisade or a palisade gate. (I’d love to be able to provide non flammable options to palisade [gates], but metal gates can’t be crafted currently, and drawbridges don’t exist at all, nor can palisade gates be remote controlled)

Farming: No opinion yet, as I missed out on the chance to construct it. Will come back to that one later.


What I’d like to do doesn’t seem to be supported by the JSON format, unfortunately. I’d hoped to be able to define palettes for each of the building materials and apply the appropriate palette to a common blueprint, but it seems the palette has to be built into the blueprint itself.
I also wanted to be able to order a blueprint to be rotated in 90 degree increments, as well as mirroring it to be able to use a single blueprint for each workshop area, and then rotate/mirror it according to which tile it would be placed in.
It looks like it will have to be done using transpiration rather than finesse, however.

If I could find a way to usage of a specify a fixed space font in the post I’d be able to show my idea for the outer defenses and the Main area…


No responses indicating how I can actually the this forum to display fixed width text, so here’s a link to a text document I’ve used to try to sketch out my thoughts.

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces
it will use fixed-width font
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I’ve made some progress with the central tile. However, testing it is a pain and is error prone (I’ve gutted the recipes of components and set the construction time to 1 second, which means that what I’m testing isn’t the real recipe, with every correction having to be performed in two versions in parallel).
As far as I can see you should be able to use the debug menu to spawn building materials and advance time, but is there a debug way to get the recipes complete (effectively) immediately?