Basecamp progression question

I’ve reached a point where I’m not being presented any other upgrade/extension paths in the basecamp. I have main, garage, fabrication and farm.

Options that were there in the beginning like radio tower and adding more beds/rooms to the Main section are no longer visible. Survey isn’t available either.

The only thing left is trenches which looking at the json code is not a pre-requisite. Not keen on those so left them. Do I need to carry these out before additional paths are opened up?

No, if you’re playing on 0.E or later, basecamp upgrades are mostly independent of each other.

Good to know, thanks.

I recall earlier on in the camps creation a ‘Smithing’ job appeared that had a 3 week timer that didn’t appear to be associated with any npc. Couldn’t do an emergency recall on it at first. After awhile this was available. Might have been the point at which things went awry.

edit: Managed a workaround (I think) by using a trench job to add the survey blueprint result. Hopefully that kickstarts things into motion.