Atomic lamp and nightlight mod

Quoting from a thread in the Bunker:

[quote=“jcd, post:9079, topic:42”][quote=“deoxy, post:9078, topic:42”][quote=“deoxy, post:9069, topic:42”]So, I downloaded the latest experimental last night, and I found an atomic nightlight (yay!), but when I carry it, it ruins my night vision. (I dislike this lighting overhaul in general, but that’s a different topic.)

Is there any way to carry an atomic nightlight with me, say, closed up in my pocket/backpack or something so I’m not changing the lighting around me unless I want to? Because if there’s not, atomic lighting just became nearly useless for large chunks of the game.[/quote]

so, no way to hide the light?[/quote]
None implemented yet afaik (but you could put it inside your trusty cart/car from where it should be giving no light until you take it out)[/quote]

OK, easy solution, make another item that is craftable from the atomic nightlight and the atomic lamp - “atomic nightlight in a bottle” or some such. Basically, a flashlight with an atomic nightlight/lamp inside instead of an amplifier circuit, and it uses no charges.

So, I go looking for the atomic nightlight/lamp in the json… and I can’t find it. Can’t find amplifiers, power converters, etc, either.

Are the hard-coded somewhere, or am I just blind?

Oh, and I’ll add this to my folding vehicle parts mod that makes solar panels and few other things foldable (vehicle clock, for instance).

Anyway, pointers/help?

Or just add an option to turn them on/off by default. I don’t think it was a deliberate choice to have an annoying item that can’t be turned off, just that before the light rework, it didn’t cause any problems.

Items aren’t hardcoded. Just search for “atomic” in data/json/items/. Good search program is very useful for this.

You know, I had actually checked almost every file in that directory before I posted here, but just to be sure, I went back through them and checked EVERY file.

They’re all in melee.json. Seriously, “melee”??!?

Yeah, nice organization.

Edit: OK, mod’s done, atomic lights can be covered (turned off), and lots more parts fold (and I added a few foldable versions of existing things). Where do I put it for people (other than myself) to get it and use it? I would attach it (the zip file is 4K), but it won’t let me.