Book light

I was actually quite surprised when my search of the forum didn’t come up with anything on book lights. Low power usage light with 1 or 0 volume (or both; plain and folding). It would allow you to read into the night, but not craft. It would be a fairly uncommon item in labs and homes.

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Well you can build light strips.

They are very power efficient and enable you to read.
Finding some Booklights that are quite similar? well nothing against it directly but i question the need.

…What about atomic night-lights?

Light strips are a pain and require components. Atomic nightlights have always been late game for me, they are rare and very hard to make. It is basically a find that allows you to read books into the night with virtually no work or resource consumption. It is a minor and simple item, but on that note cataclysm has thousands of items like that, and that is partially what makes it fun. What other game have you played that has fire bows, matches, lighters and refillable lighters. You can’t convince me that a book light has less of a place in this game than say, a vibrator or a PDA. It doesn’t need to be game changing to be worth making, and since reading by flashlight isn’t really viable I think there is a place for it.

Well, there’s lots of ways to get light, the aforementioned light strips. There’s also candles from animal fat (which you’d think you’d get from fat zombies) and oil lamps. You can also rig up flood lights in a small room with a light frame and car battery. It’s not efficient but it’ll do the job. I think if you use a small enough battery and lamp you could probably put all this together on the new folding frame you can craft a moveable light fixture.

I don’t think you can have a folding battery, but can always just grab the frame and drag it around unless it gets too heavy. My extra-light frame with headlight, controls and a 30% full storage battery I appropriated from a broken electric car was movable and lasted for about 3 seasons (14 day) in my basement until I found an atomic light and stopped using it. It was about 15% full at the moment, I did turn it off when I wasn’t using it.

Yeah, sewing through thunderstorms without a low-consumption LED light source is not all that rad. :slight_smile:
Good luck with that petroleum lamp. :smiley: