Artyom's Gun Emporium: Reloaded (More Guns!)



Any chance we’ll see Triple Barrel Shotguns in a future release?
Also, at what locations can I find that sweet AA-12? I’m assuming at Military Bunkers and Labs but I want to be sure.


Huh. I have found 9x18 and 5.45 spawn, but they have been very rare… definitely too rare for 5.45, but I have no idea what 9x18 should spawn like personally.

To be fair, the amount of people who shoot AKM platform weapons as opposed to the AR in this country is still quite small, but having brought it up, I’ll definitely be tweaking it in the next release. Thanks for letting me know!!!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for giving it a test run!!


Ah, the Chiappa Triple Threat. I vaguely remember a YouTube based religious figure playing around with that… I’ll add it to the list of things I want added. (That’s a not insignificant length file already… :/)

Glad you asked, because your best bet would be SWAT locations. It’s not in the military spawn list, but is in SWAT/Paramilitary and the rare spawn list. Good luck!


Really dumb idea, but I believe we need a handheld/vehicle mounted Shwerer Gustav rail cannon


Hi there no matter what I do this mod will not stay on by default when I create a new world I have to select it to be active every time I create a new world

Thanks for the hard work though love it :slight_smile:


There’s almost no ammo_obscure spawns in coregame; there’s one spawn in mansions and another in gunsmith stores.


I think also in pawn shops. Although as far as I know not by itself only inside the gun said ammo goes to.


Hi again

sorry to aks again but no matter what I do the mod NEVER stays active in my saved mod list.
I have to reselect it every time.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello fellows, might I interest you in our lord and savior, instant strike match reloads???

Using the white tip of matches you can reload the primers, the use the rest of the match as powder. sure its dirty, inefficient and the pressures vary but it works.
Also red and white powder propellants?

“Red or White Powder” Propellant may be prepared in a simple, safe manner. The formulation
described below will result in approximately 2-1/2 pounds of powder. This is a small arms propellant
and should only be used in weapons with 1/2 inch inside diameter or less, such as the Match Gun or the 7.62 Carbine, but not pistols.
Materials Required
Heat source (kitchen stove or open fire)
2 gallon metal bucket
Measuring cup (8 ounces or 240 milliliters)
Wooden spoon or rubber spatula
Metal sheet or aluminum foil (at least 18 inches square)
Flat window screen (at least 1 foot square)
Potassium nitrate (granulated) 2-1/3 cups (560 milliliters)
White sugar (granulated) 2 cups (480 milliliters)
Powdered ferric oxide (rust) 1/8 cup (30 milliliters) (if available)
Clear water, 3-1/2 cups (840 milliliters)

You can also substitute sugar instead of sulfur in gunpowder.

All ammunition problems solved.


Actually, there exsists this thing:

This thing can solve all your ammo-related problems.

Also, may I ask you who Artyom even is?


Ever played Metro 2033? Artyom is the name of the protagonist.


Oh. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking about. Cool.


Hi, so for some reason this shows up under ‘no category’ and won’t let me run a world. Help?