Are boats still planned?

A few months ago, boats seemed to be planned as something to come in the relatively near future. Is that still a priority, or have watercraft been reclassified as “someday maybe hopefully” in favor of more pressing concerns?

Though you probably get it by now, yes they are planned. It’s just the matter of getting someone to do it, though I guess it’s not high-priority.

Much like everything else.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

They were gonna be a priority back when the ocean thing was gonna happen. Then the guy who was working on that stopped, so now they aren’t.

For now they are mainly being held up by Z-levels (which has its first bounty issue already being worked on already!). Once z-levels are in and boats can actually go underneath bridges instead of crashing into them, they will be much more likely to be implemented.

Bah, who needed bridges anyway?

Boats seems kinda… iffy… I mean what’s there to do on the vast open ocean… fish? Raid Oil Platforms? Fight off Great White Zombie Sharks? Zombie Whales? Untangle ourselves from Zombie Seaweed? Decide whether or not to eat Zombie Crabs? Battle Deadly Crab Exoskeletons? Flee from a school of Zombie Tuna? Find a deserted island and uhh… build a castaway shack? Living the rest of my life in obscurity? Name a soccer ball Wilson?

Okay ya I’m done… but seriously what’s there to do on the vast ocean? Could we just… I dunno maybe make our vehicle amphibious? With propellers or water jet propellers?

Those all seem like great ideas Omni.

Really? What’s next? Nether Sea Cucumbers? Zombie Dolphins… Nether Dolphins…? Lighthouse Temples? Underwater Portals surrounded by underwater volcanoes? What are we gonna have ships large enough to carry their own tiny submersible? I guess we can salvage wrecks too while we’re at it. How about hunting down Atlantis and fighting off nether Atlanteans too? I guess those would be Cephalopods… from the nether realm.

I’d imagine all the fucking ships ever jumped land as soon as this shit started, we could have massive oil rigs or tankers filled with zombies and clear them out.

Boats aye? Hrmm sounds nice! And Omni: Don’t forget an Island wich got transferred through the mother of all portals and you can visit it! :stuck_out_tongue: There are so many world wich could connect through the Portal, so we could really find some unholy-amphibous-sea-dwellig-creature-of-death! :smiley: (Do I hear ppl yell: “Where is Cthulu?”:wink: )
Bermuda Triangle! I highly suspect an Portal there already! Maybe you find Boats, Planes etc. wich “vanished” in there too! :smiley:

I’d imagine that to be very easy… 1 M72 Law and the entire tanker blows… +400 zombie kills with one shot!

@Darkfirepheonix Hmm I did think of Cthulu, but I didn’t know how I’d write it into my post… I guess I know how now… Nether Zombie Cthulu… ya… by the way… now that I think about it how the heck would an underwater portal even work? I mean wouldn’t the water get sucked into the other realm thus… you know what I’m not gonna think about it.

Zombie sharks, the zombears of the sea.

Zombie Sharks needs Frickin lasers to cook their food with. SOMEONE GET THEM SOME FRICKIN LASERS!

If that doesn’t work… we could always have… Zombie Carp… the bane of every dwarf in existence… mostly the fisher dwarfs… poor poor fisher dwarfs…

An underwater Portal could work if the other side is underwater too and I think that portals prefer to “spawn” in the same environment as their counterparts do in the other world. And yes the poor dwarfs… We should get them lasers and stuff! :smiley: But zombie sharks with lasers is a bit far stretched unless ofc some scientists in Cataclysm had already implanted lasers onto sharks wich then got turned into zombies… It could be a real threat if you drive with your boat near an lab in wich sealife was researched (and improved. This was an Heavily Conservative America before the Cataclysm and I could imagine they would be happy about every new weapon they could get… To spread “Freedom”… Their Freedom that is :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wait I’m pretty sure CataDDA takes place in England… cause if it was America… you’d find a gun in every house… maybe more… well whatever.

Anyways small boats are doable, but what about them cruiser, cruise liners, cargo ships, battleships, submarines, oil tankers, and whatever else I’m missing. Those seem impossible to implement. Not to mention the fact that once their hull is breached they start taking in water and I’m pretty sure a single person isn’t able to patch that him/herself. Not to mention the ocean is extremely dynamic and well water in CataDDA isn’t. It’s rigid… like a rock.

How would you work waves into the game? O for calm ocean and W for waves? Lower case w for small wave capital W for large waves?

This game takes place in the US of A in “New-England” and don’t forget that 1/2 may have weapons but that is calculated for the whole population, wich means that some areas have nearly no guns while in others you have 3+ guns per house.

The problem with the Ocean and such: That is a thing the devs have to figure out, or at least how they want to solve it.

About the bigger ships: I think that you would need an “crew”, but that would take a better NPC programming, wich would in the end lead to factions wich could help you

Dynamic? What are you talking about? Bill O’reilly says that the tide goes in, and the tide goes out. Never a miscommunication! You can’t explain that! :wink:

(Nevermind that we actually can.)

Anyways, yeah. New England without the New England coast is a bad thing. So much of New England /is/ it’s coastal character.

I liek.

I was thinking ~ for calm water and the lower and upper case W’s for waves.