Do river's go on forever?

As the title says, I wanna build a house boat and live there primarily, as I travel down the big river, but do the big rivers just end in one spot, or continue beyond? Like real life rivers all connect to the ocean or another river

Don’t wanna spend a bunch of time making one, just to 1 day later hit the end of the river.

Currently, there’s no ocean, just endless rivers.

Don’t forget to make your houseboat amphibious so you can get around bridges.

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They seem to not terminate from what I recall. I played a viking character once that lived on a longship. He had to drag it across bridges by hand since this was before amphibious vehicles were a thing.

wait what?, how does one build an amphibious vehicle?, i have steered my way out of boat for the hassle of dragging them, this opes new possibilities D:!

Mdwarf up there has done a lot of work on vehicles. If it has enough wheels to drive it’ll drive. Your concern is getting enough boat hulls on it to ensure your draft allows you to not sink.


But what propels the craft on water?

Same as whatever propels it on land. So probably an engine. Of course you could also slap a sail on it or use oats if it’s light enough.

I haven’t implemented propellers or hydrojets yet, so you just need an engine. Your engine can be paddles or a sail if that’s your thing.

Plans on adding hover crafts ? I would like to have a group of military/militia survivors on a big military hover craft at a river similar to the black tusk on the division 2

You might be able to add a wheel that also functions as a boat hull. Heck, it’s probably in the json.

I admit I’m not entirely familiar with the particulars of hovercrafts beyond knowing they exist and skim around via big-ass fan.

They are basically a boat that uses a oversized desk fan with some flaps to direct it,mixed with a resistant ruber hull or one similar to a big ski so it can go over land and water

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They are viable for construction from scrap parts, I don’t know if you have ever saw a program called “Scrapheap Challenge”? but they did hovercrafts a few times.

edit: I’ll add that they generally have a partly rubber contain cushion of air that elevates them above terrain and supports the vehicles weight.

Wish there was actual underwater instead of “now you see me now you don’t”.

Building houses underwater yo.

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Water Z levels you mean? Could be interesting, would make the fish mutations more valuble I bet. I honestly don’t know too much about how the swimming mechanics work in the game though, I’ve literally swam once ever I think and I used a floatation vest when I did that.

Adding hovercraft would be a hassle:

  • I’d have to add lift fans as a vehicle part, and math to calculate whether your lift fans can lift your vehicle. Not too bad.
  • I’d have to adjust the traction code to account for the fact that you’re not actually in contact with the ground. Again, not too bad.
  • I’d have to adjust the steering code to account for the fact that you’re not actually in contact with the ground and have to turn by a combination of rudder and turning your fans. I don’t have a good model for that, though this covers most of the math, I just need to study it and get it work with the game physics model.

Anyway, hovercraft aren’t currently on my to-do list, but as always I will help someone else implement them.

Water is just a tile that debuff and kill you if you dont have ehough stats, as far as i can tell, water is the most underworked element in the game.

I just wish that lakes were deeper and that zombies would fall to the bottom and drown, instead of just walking under water and popping up on the other side

*Actulay makes it disadvantages to build near bodies of water or on islands, as the zombies cares little for the water bewteen them and your flesh.

I don’t think zombies breath, though I could be wrong on that point so drowning should be out of the question but it would make sense if they could get trapped by underwater terrain.

They definitely don’t breathe. If they did they would also die of smoke inhalation, which would make smokers our best friends since most survivors have the ability to strap on a filter mask.

Well animals cells, which humans bodies consist of need oxygen, so even if they don’t breath anymore, their cells still need to be oxygenated some way, so staying under water would kill them eventualy.

It’s a weird place to draw the line considering blob activities. Just saying.