Im not sure if they’re a planned feature or not, but when Ocean tiles get added, we should be able to use boats. They’d be perfect for rivers, too. Perhaps we could also have dry docks where we could build our own boats. Imagine piloting a house boat down a river, stopping at towns to refuel and resupply. It’d be amazing.

Oh God…Fitzcarralod. I can see it already, everyone makes mechanic characters, finds a crashed heli and builds a boat that can top out a 1mil safe speed, hit a ramp and clear an entire continent to the next ocean. All with foot pedals.

Fitzcarraldo is one of my favorite movies of all time. I want to recreate it, but with zombies.


Not sure if unsure, or don’t like idea.

Whats wrong with it? Boats would be larger, slower, more self-sufficent cars, only on water.

Boats would be fun, yes.

But I’d much rather slap some wingdings on my semi and Huck Finn it. Because, hey? Why not?

‘Huck Finn it’ is now my catchphrase.

We would need more river spawns and maybe some pond spawns, also swamps?

Have you forgotten about swamps that line rivers?

Could have it as part of the car mechanic, uses metal tanks to craft pontoons, and you build propellers to accelerate it. If the weight is low enough, like you can make ‘light framing’ to keep the weight below some amount so it floats.

eh , seems kind of bad idea. Just like cars there is no down side for boats. Ain’t no reason not to live on water when you can eat fish , drink all you can see , find a remote island with non-infected pot heads , repopulate the world on a single boat.

If boats make it too easy, add sea/river monsters. NOWHERE IS SAFE. NOT EVEN THE SEAS. OR THE RIVERS.

I’m mmmmmk with boats, I’d love to see some sort of water vehicle. My only problem is that I feel it’d be kind of useless except for crossing rivers without drowning in the games current state. If we get more water features (oceans, lakes, a water dungeon? o.O) they’d be much more useful.