How do you pick what bow and ammo to use?

I do not understand the question.

to chose what bow to use just get that bow in hands and press f if you have more than one type of arrow game will ask what arrow you want to use

Im sorry I just realized how vague that question what i am asking is what bow/crossbow is best and same with ammo or the tiers of weapons for example if two arrows are equal in quality what is better for what

Ammo Dmg

fletched small game arrow 3
fletched fire-hardened wooden arrow 4
heavy fletched fire-hardened arrow 5
fletched sharpened metal arrow 5
heavy fletched field point arrow 6
fletched field point wooden arrow 7
plastic arrow 8
fletched wooden arrow 10
carbon fiber arrow 10
fletched heavy wooden arrow 12
fletched metal arrow 14
exploding arrow 15
flaming arrow 15

Bows :

Rank up Archery and Marksmanship to get good with a bow.

Fletched wooden arrows do fine on most enemy’s and are easy to craft , Fletched Metal Arrows are the best all-round arrow in my opinion.

Keep upgrading your bow till you can make a Reflex Recurve Bow. You need books for the higher level Bows and Arrows.

The new Aiming system I never understood, what works best for me is not to aim at all and just spam your arrows.

For the higher level bows you need at least strength 12 to reach max range.

Don’t get disappointing at the beginning, at higher levels a Bow will be much better then any Gun in the game in most encounters, I carry a small shotgun with me too just in case I encounter some abnormally.

With this set up I almost never die till I get to cocky or crash my car at high speed.

The new aiming system is great. If you hit the . key your waiting until your shot is better for each time increment (6s?)

Careful with metal arrows/bolts. A large quiver (60) will set you back 30+ pounds of weight.

The cata: DDA future doesn’t have aluminum and they are all made of solid steel. To the point where 10 of them weight 5 lbs.

I usually stick with 1 large quiver for heavy wooden arrows and 1 quiver for metal arrows.

I don’t use crossbows, too slow for the damage they deal. If I want to shoot crossbow bolts I’ll use the pnuematic bolt driver. But that is mostly also a secondary reason to easily train up my rifle skill.

You will hit much more do much more damage in a much shorter time by not aiming at all when using a bow.

You will hit much more do much more damage in a much shorter time by not aiming at all when using a bow.[/quote]
aiming is mostly for firearms where every hit counts because ammo is not cheap and it make noise
bow is fast firing weapon with no recoil at all

maybe someone use aiming with crossbow because its slow

I always aim when I can, bow or gun, because delicious critical hits. If you’re doing a nomadic character (which is when I use bows the most), you’re less likely to have hundreds of arrows stashed and thus might want to get the most out of every shot, due to the risk of breakage.

That reminds me, you don’t get any fatigue or other penalty while aiming a bow, do you?

You get a time penalty :slight_smile:

Only because you’re impatientfox. XP

Whether i am patient enough to wait for an amount of time doesn t change the fact that a certain ammount of time will pass with a certain action.
Time doesn t give a fuck about me ;(

Huehuehue. This actually gives me an idea. Making holding a bow too long cause fatiguq would be a pain in the ass though. You’d need to check for the “reloads when firing” flag PLUS the “strength determines reload speed” flag to determine whether fatigue is generated, then check for the presence of “you must be this strong to get maximum range” flags and compare to character strength.

Depends on the bow, and the strength/endurance of the person.

If your going to add fatigue for holding a bow you need it for holding a 7-15lb rifle up to fire.

Anyway whomever decided the weight of arrows needs to check GPI, grains per inch. It’s what the shaft of an arrow is used to calculate weight. Wood arrows averge 8.2-8.5. FYI it’s 7000 grains per 1 lb. Heavier aluminum arrows are 13.2 or so for a 30-32 inch arrow. Lighter ones are 10-11 GPI. The arrow head adds some also. like 100-190 grains. I feel like someone did some quick checking and saw some numbers on a chart and used the numbers for thickness of the shaft. It’s shown like 2516. It’s a 2 part number the first it he overall width of the shaft, and the second number is the thickness of the Cylinder/tube. 1/2 pound arrows wouldn’t fly very far.

the time penalty is inconsiquential unless your in a shootout with a turret in a lab

I am 99% sure aiming with a bow doesn’t do a thing other then wasting time.

Shot at least 1000+ arrows in version 0c4b5d2 .

It’s been a while since I did the initial balancing for archery, there was probably some issue with converting from GPI to the weight unit in game and I probably erred on the heavier side.

If you want to compare weapon and ammo damages I suggest going here:
The CDDA Item browser is pretty awesome, and each weapon will show the damage for itself and for all the ammo types it can use.

Keep in mind archery is designed to be progressive. Weaker stuff is easier to make, some of the harder stuff requires higher stats and recipes from books. I think Reflex Recurve is the strongest true bow, with crossbows going into repeating and heavy variants followed by pneumatic bolt driver if you live to endgame (not technically a bow but fires crossbow bolts)

Style-wise I always favored the repeating crossbow with bursts of bolts cut down from bee stings…


[quote=“Logrin, post:19, topic:10470”]Style-wise I always favored the repeating crossbow with bursts of bolts cut down from bee stings…

Going BEEZERK[/quote]

Does the repeating crossbow is a middle - late game ? I’m just thinking. Otherwise, how do you find spring for the crafting recipe ? It will be useful for my next character build. I dream about shooting sharpened crossbow bolts into Z’s heads x)