Archery Nerfs and Drama

I just switched from 0.D stable to experimental and found that crossbows (and bows probably but I haven’t checked) are massively nerfed. Damage on metal bolts went from (17+15+5AP) to (17+1AP) and the range which was already small was nerfed by 3. The author of the Archery overhaul stuff admitted that the nerf was unintentional (So, how does the new archery work?) and then in the next set of changes intended to fix this there was a bunch of drama (not adding any opinion to that) and the PR ended up being closed (

Are there any plans of fixing this for 0.E or am I missing something else about the state of Archery? Bows and Crossbows seem extremely important with the healing changes in 0.E and to have them massively unintentionally nerfed seems really bad.

I used to be a survivor like you. But then I took an arrow to the knee. Luckily it didn’t do too much damage and I still have full use of it.


Rogaldorn on the discord has been making noise about reviving and fixing that PR.

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Cool, thanks for the update

Nothing like making a mess and then close the PR, the worst part is the difficulty to make the arrows.

Not sure if this makes any senseto anyone. Shouldn’t there be a distance based upon strength of the toon with a knock strength/bow strength mechanic in there somewhere?

Would be nice to have a knock meter to govern distance plus whether or not the bow being knocked too much shatters from over powering the shot.

Well, the thing with those changes was to kind of make ir a bit more “realistic” iirc, so since bows kind of have a fixed distance because of its tension they are not that easy to calibrate, if you wanted that you are basically making a new bow, except for a compound/mechanic bow, and ingame there is the compund bow, that can be switched between low to high tension

Was not sure if it were possible. Just brain storming ideas as usual. Thought it would be great to have it scale.

But I also would like being able to load 1 bullet into a gun with no clip…but Kevin said it was not possible…I think >_>